Is your school Possip ready?

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As we prepare for the 2017 school year to close out, many schools are preparing for the next school year.  Possip is too!  We are looking for our next set of school partners who want to transform the school and parent relationship.  We’re learning that not every school is a Possip ready school.  Read some of the traits we think make for a Possip school — and reach out to us at if you would like to learn more!

Your school may be Possip ready if:

  • School leaders and administrators care about – and value – parent perspective
  • Your school has teachers doing great things — and wants a way to celebrate it
  • Your school readily identifies problems — and then works to solve them
  • You want to equalize the voices and perspectives represented in your school
  • You want a partner in continuing to (or starting to) create a welcoming culture for all of your school’s families
  • You want a way to collect and share the positive experiences families and kids are having at your school
  • You want any parent at any time to feel comfortable sharing feedback

If this sounds like a school you lead, your child attends, or a school you know, reach out to us!  We’re looking for our next group of Possip partners.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Team Possip