It all started at the dinner table...

One night my husband, who leads six schools throughout Nashville, and I were discussing a stressful parent relationship that he was dealing with. Having worked within schools I found myself empathizing with him, but as a parent to two school-aged children, I found myself feeling for the parent.

I noticed that parents didn’t have a way to identify or share their concerns and schools didn’t have a way to collect and analyze parents’ feedback. On top of that, parents talk all the time, they ask questions, share ideas, and talk about concerns with each other, but that doesn’t cross into the schools so teachers are left to only hear the negative and rarely get a chance to hear praise for their work.

The more I noticed these barriers I began to realize that this was only the surface. Families with different educational experiences, socioeconomic status, race, and language faced far greater barriers to having their voices heard within the walls of the school. I decided to change that.

What if it became easy for parents to share their questions, concerns, and praise? What if it was sent through a weekly text prompt so that families without internet access or a smartphone had the same opportunities to be heard? And what if we made it easy for schools to see the trends and comments from their families and actually have the ability to act?

I was convinced more than ever that parent voices needed to be heard, regardless of their background or status. I knew that we could build a positive bridge between parents and schools that was steeped in trust, learning, feedback, and transparency. 

That’s when Possip was born.