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7 Notes of Inspiration Educators Can Borrow from Martin Luther King, Jr.

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As we commemorate Martin Luther King's birthday and enter Black History Month, it is timely to consider what lessons we can learn from Martin Luther King and apply to schools and school leadership.  ...

The Upside of Helicopter Parents

Since it's the holiday season we thought we'd give eager parents a little holiday gift this year.  Permission to helicopter. Typically, I'm not one to celebrate helicoptering. Helicopter parents h ...

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Tips for Pick Up and Drop Off

Schools spend a lot of time planning for pick up or drop off, carlines, and bus transportation.  Possip hears from parents about pick up and drop off, buses, car lines, etc.  We have been at a few s ...

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The Gift of Feedback

This special feature on Possip's blog is thanks to educator and entrepreneur Lauren Sikes.  Lauren is the Founder and CEO of DesignEd, which innovates culture + curriculum in K-12 schools. She taugh ...

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Educating is hard. Let parents help!

The original opening for this blog post shared a real life scenario highlighting how hard educators' jobs are. The scenario happened just last week to a school counselor I know.  Before posting it I ...

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