Partner Feature – Nashville Classical

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Nashville classical was one of Possip's first partner schools. Their enrollment, parent happiness and teacher satisfaction are all inspiring. We wanted to talk to them a bit about their family engagem ...

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4 Tips to Quickly Communicate Academic Progress

Parents want to know how their child is doing academically.  Schools can often feel pressure about the best ways to share this information without overburdening teachers or current systems.  There i ...

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Immigrant Families Navigating Family Engagement

Isha is a current student who just started her sophomore year at Emory. She is passionate about the immigrant experience and interned with Possip this past summer and is sharing today on our blog a li ...

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Build Lifelong Learning Thru Parents

Every city is officially back to school.  Yay! This means we're also back to working with parents, schools and districts on building community and improved parent engagement.  Possip is a learning t ...

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Parents Need A Sense of Belonging Too! 7 Tips to Help Parents Belong

Belonging is the innate human desire to be part of something larger than us.  – Brene Brown In Possip’s work with schools and districts, we’ve noticed something. Teachers and schools are ...

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