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Summer of Joy and Learning…While Working

Parents are now facing a summer with few, if any, camps.  How do you create the magic of summer – without programming to help?  How do you manage your professional work with summer?

We have some ideas!  Join us to learn about:

  • what you can learn to recreate an “80s summer”
  • how you can support your child in having a joyful, magical, and educational summer
  • how you can support academic learning during the summer

May 27, 2020 at 2pm CST



Preparing for Distance Learning With Families in Mind

Schools and districts across the country are preparing for some form of distance learning in the Fall.  Yet how to engage with parents to plan in partnership with parents is a challenge.

Join us to learn:

  • how to include parents in your planning process
  • parent’s ideas sourced from over 100,000 parents to inform your planning process
  • why current plans to engage parents may be failing

June 4, 1pm CST



Maximizing Your Impact Through Strategic Budgeting


Schools and districts are being asked to make significant cuts to their already tight budgets.

Join Possip’s Director of Operations Christine Fisher to learn about how you can still maximize your impact through strategic budgeting.

Prior to joining Possip, Christine spent almost 15 years in Finance and Strategy for Procter and Gamble, including as Finance Leader for the very time-appropriate Charmin Brand.  She’ll bring her insights from P & G combined with her depth of education expertise as a Possip team member and an active education volunteer in her community to help school and district leaders maximize your impact through strategic budgeting.

June 11, 11AM CST