Events and Webinars


Possip’s Power Sessions give organizations the insights and information you need, quickly.

We learn from the parent and school feedback we get, as well as decades of educational experience, to give you cutting edge and wise guidance, quickly.


4/1, 10 am CST, Top Tips for Parents: Working and Teaching (RSVP HERE)

Many parents have been unexpectedly put into the role of a teacher at home.  The good news is, you don’t have to be a trained teacher to help your kid survive – and even thrive -during this season.

This session will provide parents tips on how to be both educators and fulfill their job requirements during this time of crisis.


4/3, 10 am CST, Keeping a Strategic Pulse on Family Needs (RSVP HERE)

During times of crisis, basic needs must be met for our students and families so we can strengthen their likelihood of long-term success and our effectiveness as educators. As the physical and economic health of families more fragile, educators, schools and districts will be key on keeping a pulse on family needs.

This session will give tips on how to continue gaining insight on what parents and families need.


4/7, 10am CST, Parent Panel: Working and Teaching (RSVP HERE)

Many parents have been unexpectedly put into the role of a teacher at home.  Hear from 3 parents about how they are managing working and schooling at home at the same time.


4/8, 10am CST, Keeping School Staff Happy & Committed (RSVP HERE)

Keeping school staff happy and committed is important yet hard, even in thcommitted educatore best of times.  With so much change and challenge, it is more important than ever – not just for this year, but for next year too!

You can keep your school staff happy and committed.


4/10, 11am CST, How to Create Support Plans for Students Diverse Needs

Description Forthcoming!



3/30, 11 am CST, How Schools Are Communicating In These Times

Communicating with families is tough in traditional times. How are schools and educators communicating with families now?  Learn more about how educators, schools, and districts across the country are communicating during this time of crisis and what is working!

Remote Teaching &  Learning

Parents and teachers have been thrown together to make remote teaching and learning a success for their students.  While this is new for most, there are some best practices to rely on – and it’s not just about computers and I-Pads.  Remote learning doesn’t have to mean being online. 

Leading in Times of Challenge

While these are unprecedented times, leading in challenging times is not new.  There are a few tips you can put to work to help you as a leader manage and to help those you lead manage.  Join us Monday, March 23rd at 10 am to learn from the Possip community – about how to best lead in this time of challenge.


Helping Parents Help Students
Thursday, November 21st

Do you have questions about incorporating parent feedback into your school’s best practices?  Schools can multiply their impact by working with parents to help them reach the academic goals for students.  In this webinar we’ll share tips for schools to learn how they can help parents help students.

Supporting Teachers Through the Season
Thursday, November 14th

Holiday season can be an exciting time for our students.  But for teachers, it can prove a little stressful.  Supporting teachers is important all year, and especially now! This is a time where teachers have worked hard – but they aren’t always yet to the place where they are seeing the fruit of their labor.  

On this 15-minute power webinar you can learn some quick tips and tricks to show teachers some support, especially as we enter the holiday season.

Getting Parents on Campus…or Engaging Them If Not
Wednesday, October 30th

Many of our partners ask: how do we get parents into the school building?  Educators want to get parents engaged – but the best ways to get parents into school can be hard to figure out.

Take 15 minutes to learn top tips to get parents actively into your school – AND ways to engage parents who can’t or don’t!