Using Possip During School Closures

Now more than ever, schools and teachers need ways to engage families. You can download our free E-Book: School Closures Survival Guide.

Online resources are great, however, the reality of school closures is that many families still don’t have regular access to Wi-Fi or a smartphone. When you add that to the fact that parents are often trying to teach multiple children while continuing to work their own jobs, it’s clear that we could all use some help right now.

Possip helps teachers and schools use text to hear from and communicate with their school community, even during school closures.

How Can Schools and Teachers Use Possip Now?

“I know as the school moves forward with virtual lessons… Possip can play an important role in keeping our families engaged and responding to the needs they express. Personally I can’t imagine a better way to continue to hear from as many families as possible during these uncertain weeks.” – Saundra Oprea, Resource Coordinator, Pleasant Ridge Montessori Elementary, Cincinnati Pubilc Schools

Needs Assessment

  • Identify needs such as food and technology during school closures
  • Learn what’s important for families week-to-week in an ever-changing landscape
  • Communicate tools and resources while assessing needs

Academic Engagement

  • Engage parents around academic priorities in a routine way
  • Share routine resources and ask parents which ones they are using
  • Learn how your students are doing from the perspective of their parents
  • Engage with high need student sub-groups (English Learners, Students with IEPs)

Routine, Calm, Feedback and Questions During School Closures

  • Create a routine for parents by sending a weekly pulse check
  • Get in front of parent questions. Possip highlights trends in parent comments so you gain insight on what parents want to know collectively
  • Hear parents’ real-time reactions to decisions and logistics
  • Use data and parent testimonials to show how your school is engaging families, making informed decisions, and measuring needs and impact


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