About Us

What We Do/Our Mission

Possip is passionate about connecting families to their schools to help see every student and every school succeed. We know that for decades there have been invisible barriers standing in the way of parents sharing their voice and being active in their child’s school. And for decades, schools have lacked the systems in place to effectively analyze parent feedback.

This hurts not only parents, but school leaders, and students alike!

We’re here to fix that. By meeting families right where they’re at and eliminating the need to download another app or taking time to fill out yet another survey, Possip empowers you to engage families, build equity, and create stronger schools.

Shani’s Story

It all started at the dinner table...

One night, I was listening to my husband, who leads six schools throughout Nashville, describe a stressful parent interaction that he had faced. Having previously worked as a teacher, I could empathize with him; but as a parent of two school-aged children, I felt for the parent.

Parents are a vital part of a learning community, and they talk all the time about school: they ask questions, review ideas, and discuss concerns and successes with each other. But these conversations rarely trickle into the schools, and parents usually connect with teachers only when a situation has escalated into a problem, as it had that day for my husband.

I realized that parents don’t have an easy way to share their concerns—or praise—and schools don’t have an easy way to collect and analyze parent feedback. I also noticed that families with out-of-district addresses or different educational experiences, socioeconomic status, languages, and races faced far greater barriers to having their voices heard within the walls of the school.

I decided to change that.

What if it were easy for parents to share their questions, concerns, and praise? What if schools sent a weekly text prompt so that families without internet access or a smartphone had the same opportunities to be heard? And what if schools could see and respond within days to trends and comments from their families?

I wanted to build a positive bridge between parents and schools that was founded on trust, learning, feedback, and transparency because, at the end of the day, parents need to be heard, regardless of the barriers that may stand in the way.

That’s when Possip was born.

How We've Grown

Shani started Possip started from the dinner table, working on her nights and weekends – manually tracking parent comments and building out each report by hand.

Since then Possip has grown to over 700 schools across 25 states, over 400,000 users, and a platform in over 100 languages. Even with so much growth and tech automation, it doesn’t mean the human aspect has been taken away. We make sure that each report and parent comment is read and analyzed by an educational professional to give personalized data analytics and recommendations to help lighten the lift on each school when managing parent feedback.

Partner With Possip

If you’re interested in hearing how Possip would be able to help strengthen your school community and help build a stronger school, reach out to us today at hello@possip.com