About Us

Our Mission

Possip gives you the pulse of your people to make your organization stronger.  We use routine, multi-lingual SMS Pulse Check™ surveys to give you the power of feedback and information from those at the front lines.

Our roots start with schools, districts, and families.

In schools, as in many other organizations and institutions, there are long-standing barriers in the way of families, students, and staff sharing their voices.

Decision-makers and leaders are overwhelmed with how to hear from diverse and dispersed voices – in a digestible way.

Possip helps!

We help people, schools, and organizations live up to their greatest potential by enlisting the voices of their diverse and dispersed communities.

Founding Story

It all started at the dinner table...

Shani Dowell, Possip’s Founder and CEO, spent time between the business, education, and nonprofit sectors.

As a teacher and organizational leader, she had seen the need to hear from students, families and staff.  She also saw the many barriers to students, staff members, and families sharing.

Logistical barriers like a system or platform to do so, time, language, and knowing who to contact.

Cultural and organizational barriers like trust, fear, and power dynamics.

One night, her husband (an educational leader) was working to navigate a challenge between a parent and teacher.  What had started as a small issue that the parent had never brought up, had grown larger. The stress from this small issue had now expanded into stress for the parent, teacher, and other team members.  The stress was now at Shani’s dinner table in the way of a conversation to figure out some solutions.  Shani thought – there has to be a better way.  The problem reminded her of a concept she had learned of “the pinch”.  How do you get people to share an issue or need when it is a minor pinch – before it gets too big.

What if we make it easy for people to share their needs, ideas, and feedback before they get too big.

And what if we make it digestible for decision makers and leaders to hear from the diverse and dispersed people in their community!

This led to Possip.

Shani borrowed from a teaching concept: the exit ticket – where you give students a super quick way, each day, to show what they have learned from the lesson.

The idea for Possip was what if you give community members a quick and easy way to reflect on the success of the week – what has gone well, what needs or feedback do you have?

For community members – like parents, students, and staff – create a systematic, routine, and easy way for them to share.  Make it easy, simple, and less than 1 minute.

For leaders and decision-makers – create a super digestible and actionable report that not only gives them data and numbers, but also gives them the rich commentary behind the numbers.

Possip was founded in 2017 and over the past 5 years has given over 500,000 people across 29 states the power for their voice to shape schools and organizations.

Partner With Possip

If you’re interested in hearing how Possip would be able to help strengthen your school community and help build a stronger school, reach out to us today at possip@possip.com