What People are Saying

Parent User from Fayetteville City Schools, Tennessee

Possip has helped me quite a bit in my job. Taking those open-ended questions and pulling them together. I can see patterns from comments that are provided and that allows us as a system to take action. And so that’s really been the best thing for us.


I love that every week the district is checking in to see how my students are progressing and if we have any concerns. It is a very nonconfrontational, innovative way of ensuring that your students and parents are taken care of. I hope that the district is doing a similar approach with your teachers and staff. They need all the support that they can get right now.

Director of Family Engagement from YES Prep, Texas

We really focus on listening to our families. Not only to listen to them so that they have voice and choice but because we are partnering with our families. It is really difficult to partner with 40,000 families in a very quick way. So what we did is we had Possip piloting for the last year… and we just love the abiltiy to listen to families in different catagories. And not just asking a set of questions that we think are important — but really taking it to the families and they can share with us what’s important to them at the time.

Supervisor of Federal Programs from Fayetteville Cit Schools, Tennessee

[Based on Possip data] we’re also implementing parent trainings as well. We just had one last month. It was called, Bullying: Stop the Cycle and we utilized the Possip survey to get feedback from our parents concerning the training we had. The feedback was very good.

VP Early Childhood Education, Cincinnati, OH

We have fallen in love with this, I just want to say! It is so good to get that feedback in real time. Feedback from an annual survey just doesn’t help us with course correction the way Possip’s routine Pulse Checks® do. It is the best return on investment that I have purchased in a long time. And you guys are cheap! I’ve been telling all my other colleagues across the state about Possip.

Director of Enrollment, Denver, CO

We love how Possip helps strengthen teacher culture AND family relationships!

School Principal, Edgecombe County, NC

Thanks to Possip, we’ve been able to share praise with our staff that we may not have otherwise heard. We have also been able to be proactive in finding solutions to parent concerns before it’s too late.

School Leader, South Carolina

I like that it is a short pulse check to see what is going on with our families and the immediate needs they have. 

School Administrator, Los Angeles

More parents have phones than computers so the Possip survey empowers parents of all socioeconomic backgrounds to participate equally. In the past, our surveys have been long and used education jargon. Possip’s survey is easy to understand and can come in almost any language, another benefit to equalizing the accessibility.

New York

This possip survey has been amazing because we have gotten great feedback from parents that we have been able to share with staff. in sharing with staff we are able to make the adjustments in a timely fashion.

School leader, Delaware

While some of the feedback is singular but real for the student who submits it, there are some comments that represent a consistent theme or concern. One that jumps out is lunch and I plan to set up a meeting with our nutrition manager.

School Admin from MNPS, Tennessee

So far this year, Possip Attendance Checks™ have helped us reduce chronic absenteeism by 10% and counting. It’s a great tool to hold parents accountable for their children’s attendance.