What People are Saying


I love how easy it is to provide my feedback!


I love that every week the district is checking in to see how my students are progressing and if we have any concerns. It is a very nonconfrontational, innovative way of ensuring that your students and parents are taken care of. I hope that the district is doing a similar approach with your teachers and staff. They need all the support that they can get right now.


Possip gives me an outlet to share things. I appreciate the school’s willingness to listen.

School Principal, Davidson County, TN

My heart pounds when the Possip Report is delivered. It’s like getting an Amazon package. Some people are afraid of feedback but I’m like, “What truth am I going to hear this week?”.

VP Early Childhood Education, Cincinnati, OH

We have fallen in love with this, I just want to say! It is so good to get that feedback in real time. Feedback from an annual survey just doesn’t help us with course correction the way Possip’s routine Pulse Checks™ do. It is the best return on investment that I have purchased in a long time. And you guys are cheap! I’ve been telling all my other colleagues across the state about Possip.

Director of Enrollment, Denver, CO

We love how Possip helps strengthen teacher culture AND family relationships!

School Principal, Edgecombe County, NC

Thanks to Possip, we’ve been able to share praise with our staff that we may not have otherwise heard. We have also been able to be proactive in finding solutions to parent concerns before it’s too late.

School Administrator, Nashville, TN

I have never worked with a platform that provides so much valuable information and requires so little work on the school’s end.

School Administrator, Los Angeles

More parents have phones than computers so the Possip survey empowers parents of all socioeconomic backgrounds to participate equally. In the past, our surveys have been long and used education jargon. Possip’s survey is easy to understand and can come in almost any language, another benefit to equalizing the accessibility.

School Administrator, Nashville, TN

Not only did we need to improve how we provided information to families, we needed to establish two-way communication that allowed families to provide feedback on current practices. Now that we use Possip parents are less likely to come to school ’emotionally charged’ over an issue they feel isn’t being addressed because they have frequent opportunities to share their concerns.

Former Chief of Research and Strategy, TNDOE

In my position, I have seen how much information and data schools receive. It is rare, however, that schools are able to get data and information on a Monday that they can actually implement the next day. The Possip tool and platform allows school leaders to take both quantitative and qualitative data and take action against it immediately. This is unique in my mind and is part of what makes Possip stand out.

School Administrator, Cincinnati Public Schools

Possip was the perfect response to our Local School Decision Making Committee’s goal to improve parent communication.  POSSIP provides a tool for ongoing 2-way communication with our parents.  Since the surveys are bi-weekly, parents can share positive experiences or express concerns almost as they happen. We developed a review committee (administrator, parent, teacher, counselor, resource coordinator) to review and respond to parents as needed. We find it easier to respond as parents tell us the best way to reach them.