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Everyone benefits from Possip! Instead of stressing about policies and procedures, parents can easily share their praise, questions, and concerns with teachers and administrators. At the same time, schools receive and analyze feedback trends, which allow them to monitor parent input and make adjustments as needed. Possip provides an avenue for parents, teachers, and administrators to work together—without drawn-out meetings, awkward phone calls, or long emails.

Possip Pulse Check

Possip lets parents quickly share praise and feedback in multiple languages. Each week, we send a Pulse Check message to determine whether your community is happy with the school this week. If so, what praise do parents have to share? If not, what feedback would they like to give? Parents are able to answer these prompts in under one minute, meaning that staying involved is easier than ever before.

Share the Good News

At Possip, we believe in sharing highlights and praise with your teachers and staff. Our weekly Pulse Checks often return valuable insights into which teachers are going the extra mile. Possip lets schools hear the positive messages parents, students, and teachers are sharing behind the scenes.

Get Students the Help They Need

Possip helps to connect students with academic support services. Parents can express their concerns via a short text message. We’ll pass along their information to your team, equipping you to address each student’s needs in a timely fashion.

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