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We can help you quickly and equitably gather input and feedback from your people – whether they are staff members, families, or older students.

We’ll gather that feedback and organize it for you so you can easily analyze trends and make informed decisions.

Pulse Check® powered by Possip

Through Pulse Checks people quickly share praise and feedback in the language of their choice. As often as weekly, we send an SMS and email to your community to take their pulse – are they happy? We prompt them for qualitative feedback as well and can include a bonus question that you can customize. These powerful but easy to answer prompts  can be finished in under one minute. 


Possip makes it easy for your staff, families, or broader community to be engaged.  We remove barriers like language, education, transportation, and technology.

Share the Good News

At Possip, we believe in sharing highlights and praise with your community. Our Pulse Checks often return valuable insights into ways members of your community are going the extra mile. Possip lets you hear – and share – the positive messages people are sharing behind the scenes.

Get People the Help They Need

Possip helps to connect people with the supports they need. Members of your community can express their needs via a short text message. Through our platform, you’ll easily be able to get – and follow up on – the information.

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