Frequently Asked Questions

What is Possip?

Simply put, Possip is a multilingual texting platform that allows easy and effective two-way communication between schools and their most important stakeholders, the parents!

Parents talk and schools want to listen, but until now there hasn’t been a tool that efficiently and effectively allows parents voices to be heard and their input to be acted upon. Possip changes that. To see how Possip works and answer other frequently asked questions, click here! 

Who uses Possip?

Possip is trusted by schools and districts across the country. We have hundreds of Possip schools and regularly check-in with 150k parents. So the odds are, if you’re interested in using Possip, you’re in good company!

What about privacy?

Possip complies with all state regulations and FERPA. The key to this is that Possip requires minimal amounts of data from schools and we’re committed to never sell or share that data. To see our full privacy policy and answer other frequently asked questions, click here.

Do you offer Possip in multiple languages?

Yes! In fact, Possip is offered in over 100 different languages. So if you’re looking to make sure that every parent has equal opportunity to not only hear from your school but also to share their voice, Possip is for you!

Will Possip just be an information overload?

The truth is that parents talk, a lot. Most of the time schools just don’t have a system to capture their parents’ voices. Most systems are set up to hear from one parent at a time, which can be overwhelming and doesn’t allow schools to see high-level data and common trends within their school.

Possip gathers feedback and frequently asked questions from each parent and enables school leaders to see personal feedback and praise, but the beauty of Possip is that it also allows administrators to see commonalities and trends within that data. We breakdown parent responses into quick and easy to read actionable reports.

How is Possip different from other survey platforms?

We love surveys! But there’s a problem with most year-end surveys from schools. For busy parents who come from a whole host of backgrounds, they’re long, confusing, and often don’t help in realtime. And because of this, schools often only receive small percentages of parents who finish the surveys. On top of that, parents are left to wait until the end of the year to remember their experience and their questions and concerns can’t be used to make changes when they’re needed the most.

Possip checks in with parents on a weekly basis using their preferred method of communication, texting! Each survey takes about a minute to fill out and it’s translated into over 100 languages. Because of Possip’s unique strategy school administrators are able to hear from parents and make necessary adjustments within days of receiving their feedback. And because Possip is so easy to use, Possip schools hear back from almost 70% of their parents, which is double or even triple that of many end of year surveys.

How is Possip different from other texting platforms?

What really sets Possip apart is that it enables effective two-way communication between parents and schools and it does this without adding any lift on teachers.