Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, Possip wasn’t on your third grade vocabulary quiz? …ok, ok, well, we are on a mission to change that!

Possip is a mash-up of positive and gossip! The human brain is hardwired to gossip. So how do you hear what is top of mind for your organization’s stakeholders?


Possip lets you send Pulse Checks™ – quick, routine, check-ins – to your diverse and dispersed stakeholders.   We are able to do that in more than a hundred languages – with nothing for participants to log-in to, nothing to download, no passwords to remember.

Then, our reporters categorize, organize and elevate insights – and return that all to you through our secure platform in a matter of days.  This allows you to understand high level trends as well as individual needs – so that you can make your organization stronger.

That’s Possip. Ask. Listen. Act.

Possip is trusted by more than 1,300 organizations across the United States. This includes schools, teams, family-assistance programs, affinity clubs, non-profits and more.

Our sweet spot is definitely schools – because schools need to make it easy for parents, staff, and students – to share what matters, and to get that feedback quickly to continuously improve.

Right now we are helping schools, from head start centers to higher ed, listen to more than a million voices including teachers, staff, parents, students, and community members.

If you are building a listening-first organization, we’d love to help!

Possip is committed to keeping your information safe. We designed our approach to meet and exceed the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act  (FERPA).  We are committed to never sell or share your personal information.

To see our full privacy policy, click here.

Oui. Sí. はい. Yes!

Possip can help you listen in more than 100 different languages. In 2022, about 18% of feedback received was in a language other than English. If you’re looking to make sure that every stakeholder in your organization can share their voice – no matter their preferred language – Possip is for you!


The truth is that people talk—a lot. But because most organizations don’t have a system to regularly and effectively prompt stakeholders for feedback – the feedback comes in at all times and all places.

Possip gathers feedback and trends from each Pulse Check™ participant into quick, easy-to-read, actionable reports. The most common observation we hear, “you designed these reports with leaders in mind.”

Yes.- we did! We see you. We know you want to hear from all of your stakeholder groups in a way that helps you to not only ask – but to be able to really listen, and to act on that feedback.

We love surveys! But there’s a problem with most year-end surveys – they get really long, formal, and feel very high-stakes. Leaders put a lot of energy into crafting the perfect question and long list of potential answers – and are saddened when only 5% of their stakeholders make it through the survey!

Adding to survey frustration is that stakeholders are left to wait until the end of the year to remember their experience and their questions and concerns can’t be used to make changes when they’re needed the most.

Possip checks in with stakeholders on a regular basis using their preferred method of communication, texting! Each survey takes about a minute to fill out and it’s translated into over 100 languages. Because of Possip’s unique approach, leaders can hear from their diverse and dispersed stakeholders and make adjustments within days of receiving feedback.

This feedback approach helps keep small problems small, increases communication, and elevates praise – all key elements to building trust in people-focused organizations.

Glad you asked! We are not replacing your one-way message system to alert of snow days or the basketball game time.  The fancy app to download pictures of your kids? We’re not replacing that, either. Those systems are all great – but none of those systems are designed to intentionally hear from diverse and dispersed voices – and none give context and trends across grade levels, campuses, or other silos that can be built within large organizations.

Possip is authentically equitable in seeking stakeholder feedback. What do we mean by that? We mean you don’t need a “smart phone” or Internet access to share your feedback. We mean communicating in 100+ languages. We mean removing barriers like account set up, log-ins, downloads. We mean staying off of social media-style approach of making your feedback public. We mean writing questions in plain language – without trying to force rank a certain response.

We want the experience of stakeholders using Possip to share their feedback to be as easy as turning on the lights.

And for leaders receiving the feedback? We’ve designed our systems and processes to be tech that doesn’t tax your team. We do the lifting of SIS integration or data uploads. We make sure the messages go out on time.  We help write the questions in a way to invite authentic responses. We get the reports organized and ready for leaders to use to take action.

As many ways as organizations use Possip, they fund Possip.
Study after study points to the importance of stakeholder engagement to improving employee retention, creating high quality programming, and increasing attendance – all things that drive top and bottom line change in organizations.

Your organization may bring us in through HR or Human Capital and retention efforts, or through DEI programming, or even Philanthropists or Board Members – because you have an idea that listening to the front lines, consistently, would help you become better at all of the things you do for other people.

For schools, here are some common federal funding examples we see: 

– Title I: Parent Involvement – Districts have used Possip’s easy to understand reports to shatter previous records of parent involvement and parent voice in decision making.

– Title II: Professional Development for School Leaders –  few Educator Preparation Programs prepare teachers and staff for effective family engagement. Possip reports provide guidance and direction for school leaders. Our reports offer powerful, real-time professional development on effective family engagement.

– Title III: ELL – Possip’s multi-lingual and text-first design has demonstrated large increases in engagement of English Language Learner or Emerging Bilingual families – a strong fit for Title III funding. 

– ESSER Funding: ESSER requires districts to seek feedback from families on the highest and best uses of the emergency funding – and Possip helps schools do just that!