2023 Possip Interns and New Teammates

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This year, Possip welcomed a slew of talented people to help us support schools and amplify voices across the country. Interns and new hires jumped in to do everything from build and help our tech platform evolve, to serve customers with data analysis and smooth operations, to building relationships with potential #PossipPartners. 

All 2023 Possip Interns

We are thankful for the incredible work our interns completed this year and are excited to follow them in their future careers! 

Abhigyan Acherjee | Data Science Intern

Abhi Acherjee is a Computer Science major and an Economics minor at the University of Cincinnati. He has previously worked for CERN, and briefly in consulting, which is what pushed him into the data science field. He loves combining his data and project management skills to deliver analytics in a story telling based approach. Outside work, he loves listening to the Beatles or playing tennis.

Caroline Carrello | Sales and Community Outreach Intern

Caroline is a senior at Vanderbilt University studying Child Studies and Human and Organizational Development. Originally from Long Island, NY, Caroline is passionate about the education and business worlds. Outside work, she loves to cook, read, and be active!

Arya Garg | Data Science Intern

Arya brings to the team a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati. His solid foundation in data science is evident through his active involvement in research focusing on machine learning tools. Arya’s leadership shines through in student-driven initiatives such as Project Lykoi and Project Floppa, emphasizing his commitment to teamwork and the practical application of his academic knowledge. Beyond his professional and academic pursuits, Arya harbors diverse interests. He’s an avid chess player, appreciating the strategy and foresight the game requires. Photography is another passion; through his lens, Arya captures moments, both candid and crafted. On weekends, you might find him on a soccer field, channeling his energy and teamwork skills, or brainstorming solutions at a local hackathon, forever keen on enhancing his problem-solving abilities. Eager to learn and collaborate, Arya is ready to contribute his skills while absorbing all the industry experience he can.

Monika Reddy Gunnam | Delivery Data Analyst Intern

Monika Reddy Gunnam, from India, recently graduated from Lindner School of Business, University of Cincinnati with a Master’s degree in Business Analytics. She previously worked for Infosys as a Data Analyst and also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communication in India. Apart from work, She is really passionate about art and enjoys walking, spending time with her family and friends.

Rohit Menon | Delivery Data Intern

Rohit Menon, originally from India, is currently pursuing his MS in Business Analytics from the Lindner School of Business at the University of Cincinnati. He began his career as a DBA at Capgemini before transitioning into the role of Marketing Analyst at Zoho Corporation. Alongside his MS in Business Analytics, Rohit holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering and an MBA in Marketing. During his leisure time, Rohit enjoys immersing himself in books and exploring various culinary destinations along the east coast.

Anika Naga | Business Analyst Intern

Anika Naga is from Alpharetta, GA. Anika is currently a student at Vanderbilt University, studying Human and Organizational Development and Economics. She is passionate about the possibilities at the intersection of business and technology. In her free time, she likes to spend time with family and friends, take on art projects, bake, and discover new coffee shops.

Alice Nguyen | Data Analyst Intern

Alice Nguyen is an international student from Vietnam studying Business Analytics at the University of Cincinnati. She is a Data Analyst Intern, working closely with the Delivery Team this summer. Outside of school and work, Alice also has a huge passion for dancing and collecting stationery. Fun fact, she has collected more than 200 pens so far!

Cora Stammen | Marketing Intern

Cora Stammen is a current student at the University of Cincinnati majoring in Communication Design, and she is our intern for the design and marketing team. Cora was raised in a small town, St. Henry, OH, but now lives in the Queen City, Cincinnati. She spends her free time listening to music, drawing, and reading.

Hailey Taylor | Marketing Intern

Hailey Taylor has been studying communication design at the University of Cincinnati DAAP since 2019 and is our social media and graphic design intern. Hailey is from Troy, Ohio, and fell in love with design in high school. Hailey has always had a passion for creativity, and also loves photography, drawing, travel, long boarding, hiking, and spending time with loved ones (including her cats!).

Lily Unterhaslberger | Marketing Intern

Lily Unterhaslberger is studying communication design at the University of Cincinnati. She is excited to use her skills in design to help better students’ everyday lives. She is from Cincinnati, Ohio. When she is not designing, Lily enjoys drawing, visiting art museums, and walking her dog Ruckus.

2023 New Possip Teammates

This year Possip brought on exciting new talent through nine full time teammates! 

new hires

Read their bios at our Meet the Team page! 

We’re so thankful for every Possip team member and wish them and their loved ones a very Happy New Year!