7 Communication Traps – Part 2: Over Communication

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To quickly review, we typically see Communication Traps fall into two categories – traps in UNDERcommunicating, and traps in OVERcommunicating.

Possip Founder and CEO, Shani Dowell, reflects on some of the most common Communication Traps we hear in feedback from parents across the nation. This is part two of a two-part series.

UNDERcommunication:  When schools or districts communicate less than they need to. This could include the following:

  • No Communication
  • Having Unspoken Rules
  • Communicating on a “Need to Know” Basis – as Interpreted by Leadership
  • Having an Insiders Club

To read about these traps in full, check out this article: 7 Communication Traps – Part 1: Under Communication.

Over communication is the well-intentioned cousin of under communication.

OVERcommunication comes when schools or districts value communication – but that ambition may need the additional step of thinking through strategy and systems for communicating. Examples of traps within overcommunication include:

  • Chaotic or Unpredictable Communication
  • App Mania
  • Communicating New and Changing Information Constantly
  • Sharing All Information to All People