Back to School Staff Trends 2021 – 2022

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Possip Reporting Team Lead, Amanda Richards, writes about back to school staff trends in Possip Pulse Checks™.


Possip routinely hears from teachers and school and district staff from our Pulse Check™. We wanted to share some big back to school trends we’re seeing in Staff Pulse Checks™ so that we can acknowledge educator needs around the country. 

Over 2,500 staff members have responded since the first week of August. The Possip team reads through every comment submitted by Possip participants, and we use this data to strengthen schools and communities. 

Here is a quick summary of staff member trends since the beginning of the school year:

Since the beginning of the school year, 56% of staff respondents said they were happy with their school, with the remaining saying they were mostly happy or not happy with their school.

Here are some of the trends from this week:

A graph that displays trends and percentages from staff praises.

Praising Effective School Leaders & Staff Members

  • “All of the teachers and staff are doing an absolutely immaculate job during this rocky road we are all traveling on due to the pandemic. They truly go above and beyond to ensure the utmost safety of the staff and students while continuing to get students back on track academically. Thank you.”
  • “Thank you to our leadership team for always being there to support us and for always trying to improve things”
  • “Things are hard but people are really trying their absolute best to stay positive and solution-based in all ideas. “

Here are the most frequently discussed feedback for staff in our last Possip Pulse Check™:

A graph that displays trends and percentages from Staff Feedback.

14% of recommendations in staff members’ reports discussed COVID safety measure feedback, questions, and requests to receive communication with the most recent COVID updates frequently.

  • “I am wondering how we can better contact trace during lunch, arrival, and dismissal times (times when students may have extended close contact without masks).”
  • “My main concern is keeping students and staff safe. It would give me peace of mind if we had an additional nurse on staff 24/7 to meet the needs of our sick students.”
  • “Yes but with concerns about whether or not the kids will be going virtual because of the high-level clusters of covid cases “

8% of recommendations in staff reports were regarding unsustainable teacher workload, lack of time and resources to meet all their daily requirements, and requests for more support staff in school buildings.

  •  “stressed, overworked” 
  • “How can we continue to act like school is normal right now- clubs, after school activities, classes merging when there are no subs”
  • “Too many unrealistic expectations”
  • “Si estoy contenta pero es mucho trabajo y pagan poco” TRANSLATION: “Yes I’m happy but it’s a lot of work and they pay little”

3% of all recommendations consisted of requests for mental health support and more focus on teacher self-care during this difficult time.

  •  “Feedback: Teachers need more support with mental health. There is not enough time for teachers to get everything done that is expected of them and have a personal life. “
  • “The teachers are drowning. I personally have talked to many teachers who don’t feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel…”

Check out this video with Possip’s CEO and Founder, Shani Dowell, and Possip’s Reporting Team Lead and former principal, Amanda Richards, discussing the early trends they are beginning to see within both staff and parent feedback.

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