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What I’m Thankful I Learned About Parent Engagement Ten Years Later

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I started teaching ten years ago as a high school English teacher in North Nashville. I had just moved to the city, and even had the exact same job as my mom that year — both of us teaching Freshman ...

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Why You Should Take A School Tour

In many of our districts and schools across the country, we are starting to enter a time period where parents will need to choose where their child goes to school - whether kindergarten or high school ...

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Immigrant Families Navigating Family Engagement

Isha is a current student who just started her sophomore year at Emory. She is passionate about the immigrant experience and interned with Possip this past summer and is sharing today on our blog a li ...

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The Gift of Feedback

This special feature on Possip's blog is thanks to educator and entrepreneur Lauren Sikes.  Lauren is the Founder and CEO of DesignEd, which innovates culture + curriculum in K-12 schools. She taugh ...

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Can schools handle the truth of parent feedback?

“If my answers frighten you, Vincent, then you should cease asking scary questions.”  This brilliant movie line comes from Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction.  Jack Nicholson shares a thematic relat ...

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