What Sets Possip Apart: Comparing Edtech Communication Platforms

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Possip facilitates communication between schools and parents to improve the education experience. Partners love our platform because it breaks many traditional barriers to family engagement. 

Where does Possip fit with other communication or survey platforms? 


Caroline Carrello, a Possip intern majoring in Human and Organization Development at Vanderbilt University, explores what differentiates Possip.

A Look at the Space

Before we dive into all the other platforms, let’s start with what makes Possip special.

Why Possip?

Possip is a great choice for schools and districts looking to maximize their impact and success, engage their community well, be data-driven, make decisions quickly and easily, and have more effective compliance systems.  That’s why Possip is a great choice for over 1,500 schools and organizations across the nation.  Here’s a bit more about Possip.

Pulse Checks™

    Pulse Checks™ provide a real-time and comprehensive view of user sentiment and feedback, giving school leaders an edge in staying attuned to their community’s needs and preferences. 

    SMS Texts

      Possip administers Pulse Checks™ via SMS texting, offering a hassle-free experience for its users. With no requirement to download apps or programs, Pulse Checks™ ensures accessibility to a wide audience, making it easy for everyone to participate. Pulse Checks™ are also available via email, giving respondents the ability to use the technology they prefer. 


      Possip’s Pulse Checks™ can be translated into over 100 languages, capturing trends, praise, and feedback for schools and districts. Leaders receive responses in the original language paired with an English translation. Check out this article to learn more about Possip’s Pulse Checks™ translation.

      Real Reporters With Education Backgrounds

      Our team of experts with extensive backgrounds in education sets Possip apart from our competitors. Our analysts have the unique ability to translate data into contextually relevant, education-focused reports that empower schools and districts to make informed decisions.

      Positive Praise

      At Possip, we believe in sharing highlights and praise with your community. Our Pulse Checks™ often return valuable insights into how members of your community are going the extra mile. Possip lets you hear – and share – the positive messages people are celebrating behind the scenes. Read how Possip Partners use the praise they receive here!

      Actionable Feedback

      Possip helps to connect parents, students, teachers, and staff with the support they need. Members of your community can express their needs via a short text message. Through our platform, you’ll easily be able to access – and follow up on – the information.

      Two-Way Communication

      With Possip’s Pulse Checks™, schools and districts can establish direct communication channels with families and students while collecting valuable feedback. This approach fosters an open and two-way dialogue, enabling schools and districts to address questions and concerns directly. In contrast to many other communication platforms that support only one-way communication – from schools to families – Possip’s system empowers both sides to engage in meaningful conversations.

      Other Options and Platforms to Consider

      Depending on what you want to achieve, you  might want to consider engaging these platforms.

      Youth Truth Survey

      YouthTruth Survey, a non-profit organization, conducts surveys and analyzes student feedback through an online platform. YouthTruth Survey aims to help K-12 schools and educational programs improve their effectiveness and overall quality.

      Thought Exchange

      Thought Exchange, an enterprise discussion management platform, allows leaders to quickly gain unbiased, critical insights. They serve small and large organizations. Thought Exchange administers surveys through a link that needs to be completed online. 


      AllHere works by collecting and analyzing attendance data and identifying patterns and barriers to attendance through the use of SMS messaging. They provide schools with tools and strategies to address these issues, with the goal of improving student attendance and engagement. AllHere sends out text nudges and has on-demand assistance. 


      Qualtrics, a comprehensive experience management platform, allows organizations to collect, analyze, and act on feedback and data from customers, employees, products, and brands. Qualtrics administers surveys through an online platform.

      Satchel Pulse

      Satchel Pulse can be used for survey creation, distribution, data collection, analysis and reporting, action planning, continuous feedback loop, communication and engagement, as well as a well-being tracker for families, students, teachers, and schools. Satchel Pulse sends surveys to the participant’s email address and reports can then be viewed on its website. 

      Google Forms

      Google Forms, a free, web-based application, enables users to create and distribute surveys and forms for collecting responses and data. Google Forms has the ability to show feedback and responses but cannot deliver an analysis of the responses received. Google Forms can be completed online or on its app. 

      Parent Square

      Parent Square combines multiple communication streams into one interface for families and staff. Parent Square can send and receive direct instant messages over text, email, web or its app.


      SchoolMessenger allows you to personalize communications from your school or district through its app.


      Remind, a communication platform, helps educators reach students and parents where they are. Messages are sent in real-time to an entire class, a small group, or just a single person through the app. You can schedule announcements ahead of time and attach photos and other files.

      Success Stories

      Possip’s real differentiator is the concrete evidence found in our customer success stories. As we highlighted in our post, Using Community Feedback in School Improvement Projects, Event Recap, Possip Partners see real results. 

      Kristin Scotchmer, Executive Director at Mundo Verde Bilingual Public Charter School, shared her feedback, “What I appreciate about the platform is the way families can respond in open-ended language. We asked a question and were able to… give families space to give us feedback on their underlying concerns. We were able to construct a policy and… elevate the voices of our most vulnerable families in that conversation.” 

      Success stories like these underline Possip’s commitment to empowering schools and organizations with the tools they need to drive positive change and enhance community engagement.

      In the realm of education communications platforms, Possip stands as a shining example of excellence. While competitors offer valuable solutions, Possip’s platform and two-way communication model makes it the ultimate choice for organizations seeking to gather and leverage feedback effectively.

      What does this all mean? 

      Possip’s competitors each have a unique approach. Much like Possip, Youth Truth Survey, Thought Exchange, and Qualtrics engage in survey deployment and report generation. However, what distinguishes Possip is the exclusive ability to distribute Pulse Checks and surveys via SMS text messages and receive text responses, eliminating the need for external links or app downloads. This feature, combined with our commitment to providing accessible feedback channels and our team of educators behind the reporting, sets us apart from other companies in the educational survey sector.

      Notably, companies like Remind and SchoolMessenger primarily serve as communication tools, lacking the capability to gather feedback and create reports. Possip can seamlessly complement these communication tools by filling the feedback and reporting gap. Furthermore, we offer a range of services, including long-form surveys and attendance checks, making Possip’s offerings remarkably diverse in comparison to our competitors.