Family Trends from May 10th Through May 17th

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Family Trends from May 10th Through May 17th

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Possip received over 23,000 responses submitted by parents, family members, and caregivers this week. We read all of the praises and insights sent in throughout the week of May 10th through May 17th. If your school uses Possip Pulse Checks™, you may have heard about trends from your specific school about trends in your community. It may also be helpful to know what topics other parents are discussing with their school across the country. Possip has schools in 26 states and we want to share our findings from all of our families. Here is a quick summary of family trends from May 10th through May 17th from across the country.

Last week, 81% of families responded that they were happy with their child’s school, with the remaining saying they were mostly happy or not happy with their child’s school.

We saw a few positive family trends from across the country:

The majority of praises from families continue to be for teachers and all the work they do. Families appreciate how teachers have worked so hard during this challenging time and are keeping students safe as they return to in-person school. A few representative comments from actual families this week:

  • I praise them for being able to keep staff and students safe during this pandemic”
  • “I’ll praise the teachers!! I know it’s not easy but keep up the wonderful work!”
  • “Given the last year that we’ve had, I truly commend the teachers and administrators for all that they’ve done to try to make virtual/hybrid learning experience less challenging given the circumstances”
  • :Continue to do a great job with the many trials & challenges the teachers were faced with! I’m thankful!”

Here are the top two most frequently discussed feedback for schools across the country:

11% of all Possip recommendations to schools revolved around school reopening plans and requesting information about next school year. Families are asking about 2021-2022 school year calendars, continued virtual learning options, safety protocols, and school start dates. Here are a few representative quotes from families on this topic:

  • “Has any decisions been made for the coming school year
  • “Will school reopen in September?”
  • “maybe let the parents decide whether they want their children to do virtual, in-school, or mix of both”
  • “I’m concerned that you won’t provide school based virtual options for students in the fall. I’m still not comfortable sending my child in person and at the same time I wouldn’t want him to attend a centralized virtual academy”
  • “Where can I find the new calendar school for next year?”
  • “When will school start next year? Will it be in person? Ensuring safety protocols.”

11% of all Possip recommendations to schools this week related to academic needs. Families discussed wanting more communicating in regards to academic progress, sending grade updates to families, missing assignments, and providing more academic support for struggling students. Families asked questions about more tutoring options for students, questions about their student’s academic progress or grade. Here are a few representative quotes from families on this topic:

  • “Si como van mis niñas en las notas? Translated: Yes how are my girl’s grades?”
  • “More teacher communication especially if kid not turning work in.”
  • “Teachers need to keep in touch with the parents more”
  • “More parent teacher conference especially now that there virtual learning so the parents can know what’s going on with school work. Etc.”
  • “To be more transparent when It comes to the kids grades and missing assignments”
  • “Would be nice to get progress reports”
  • “Students need more tutors.”
  • “How will we know what our kids didn’t learn this year and last? What standards weren’t addressed?”

Here are a few suggested parent tools and resources based on these family trends.

We also shared these resources with our partner schools…

We’d love to hear from you. What else do you need or want to see? Do these parent praise and insights align with what you see?