Gratitude Activities for Your Students… and Yourself


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This article was originally posted November 2020. We’ve updated the content and provided a few additional ideas to try out this season!

gratitudeNoticing the good things people do for you or others can help reframe your mindset throughout the day. Whether it’s the season of giving thanks or any time throughout the year, here are some simple ways to build an attitude of gratitude in the classroom and at home. 

Benefits of Gratitude:

Gratitude does not only improves our mental health. According to research, gratitude increases our ability to empathize with others, helps our sleep, builds up our self-esteem, and improves our physical health.

Gratitude Activities in the Classroom:

Teachers can help students increase feelings of gratitude during this Thanksgiving season.

1. Thank You Cards (or Emails):

Have students reflect on someone they appreciate within the school and write them a thank you note or email. During the school day, give them time to write and deliver the cards. Afterward, ask the class to reflect on how the activity made them (and the recipient) feel. Check out this resource for more information on thank you card writing.