Introducing Possip Membership!

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Since Possip’s inception we’ve had one mission – to strengthen schools and communities through the power of feedback.  To that end, we have constructed our technology platform and are constantly improving it to collect, analyze, and present that feedback in an actionable way for leaders. 


Shani Dowell, Possip CEO & Founder, shares the intent and vision behind Possip’s new Membership community. 

In tandem to growing and sustaining our technology, we have always strived to strengthen schools in two additional ways:


      1. Build a community of strong, mission-driven educators that value the perspectives of families, students, and staff

      1. Create and share content that integrates the rich and diverse perspectives of families, students, and school staff

    Possip is proud to introduce a new Membership community that delivers and builds on a long held vision.

    The Story of Blue and Yellow Paint

    Early in my experience as an educator I heard a story about blue paint and yellow paint. The point of the story was that letting bad practices and mindsets creep into your educational practices was akin to a drop of blue paint in yellow paint.  As soon as you drop a little blue into yellow paint – it is no longer yellow.  It is a little green.  It may be a fine color – however it is no longer what it was intended to be.

    We aim to be a community for those who:


        • believe in the power and potential of families, students and staff

        • believe we will be stronger by working both WITH each other and listening TO each other

        • seek to get better day after day and year after year

      We strive to grow a community that values that yellow paint – a community that protects and honors the constant growth and commitment the work of education commands. All of us aim to be a place where people can come to believe the best about schools, students, families and staff.  We also aim to foster a network that works together to be stronger – and while being clear-eyed about the challenges in front of us, solutions-driven, and community-driven in our approaches. 

      We hope you will join us as we build out this community, content, and the resources that will be contained therein. 

      In addition to the awesome people in our community, other features of the Possip Membership include:


          • Access to Exclusive Content: Possip members get access to great content, resources, and information.  Resources, access to recorded webinars, and role-specific curriculum will help you grow.

          • Expertise and Knowledge Sharing: Our members learn from each other and share their expertise.

          • Discounts and Special Offers: Stay tuned for special offers Possip will have for our members.

          • Community Events: Join events, webinars, workshops, and conferences exclusively for members.

          • Great People: Did we mention the great people?  Tap into networking opportunities.  Be part of a community that allows you to connect with like-minded parents or educators, leading to valuable personal or professional relationships. 

          • Job Board: Attracting talent is critical.  Through Possip’s job board you can share job opportunities – and learn about them!

        All #PossipPartners are invited to activate their membership, a new perk with no additional cost.  Contact your CRM for your free activation code!

        If your school or district does not yet work with Possip, you are welcome to join our Membership community here.