Possip in Action

Possip is an app for school parent communication that allows schools to get stronger and achieve engagement, and equity more easily:

  • A time-saver: School and district administrators get reports so they can see the results of the survey, but save time on the outreach

  • Flexible: Schools choose the frequency of their text prompts and can add up to 1 unique question per week.  And in less than 1 minute each week on their phone, parents can share important information with their child’s school

  • Routine: Parents get in a routine of knowing that Possip is their easy channel for sharing feedback and praise

  • Positive: Teachers and staff can finally get authentic, well-deserved praise

  • Equitable: Parents don’t have to be in the four walls of the school to feel engaged or involved. And with over 100 languages in our platform, parents can engage using their preferred language

Click the phone to see the text in action.

App for School Parent Communication