Reacting to Bullying: A Detailed Plan

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This post is a more detailed plan of a summary blog post we have.  You can also check out this video that demonstrates a recommended investigation plan.


1. Communicate what you know as soon as possible to parents.  Sometimes we are hesitant to reach out to parents until we have everything – but we really can and should communicate with what we know.

2. Learn, learn, learn and question, question, question. Often learning about what is happening is a bit like peeling the onion – so ask lots of questions, do lots of observations.

3. Take action to support students. Move quickly to make sure students feel safe, supported, and trust that the school is taking care of them.

4. Prioritize safety.  Prioritize safety – so if desks need to be moved or a student’s schedule needs to be changed, do so.

5. Stay in constant contact with parents. There are so many ways for parents to play an active role.  It will make parents feel better to be empowered to support their child.

6. Consequences and interventions.  If one child is threatening or making another child feel unsafe, they do need consequences and interventions. This is important both for the learning opportunity for the student who is bullying – as well as for the safety and health of the child being bullied.