Staffing Your Bus Plan: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Getting kids to and from schools can be tougher than a LSAT logic problem. Moreover, Possip data shows that transportation is consistently a top concern for parents. We also know that the lack of it can be a barrier to student attendanceOnce you’ve got your routes mapped out, you need to consider the other needs for staffing your bus plan. Every hand is on deck to ensure safe, efficient, and responsible student transport. 

Possip teammates present a customizable step=by-step plan for school leaders to follow when considering how to staff the campus bus plan.

Small aside before we get to the guide – did you know that students were once hired to drive the school bus? This Education Week article, originally published in 1985, reported that the number of student drivers was declining. Who knew?!?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to figure out and distribute your staff resources for different bus-related roles (only adults, no children called for to fill these roles!).

1. Assess Needs for Staffing Your Bus Plan

A. Morning Reception:

  • Objective: Ensure students are safely received upon arrival and directed to designated areas or classrooms.
  • Assessment: Estimate the number of students arriving by bus and the number of entry points to supervise.

B. Afternoon Dispatch:

  • Objective: Organize students by bus routes, ensure they board the correct bus, and manage departures efficiently.
  • Assessment: Review bus schedules and student rosters for each route to determine the staffing needed at bus loading zones.

C. Bus Monitors:

  • Objective: Maintain order and safety on the bus, assist drivers as needed.
  • Assessment: Identify routes with high student volumes, younger students, or those requiring additional support (e.g., students with special needs).

D. Field Trips and After-School Activities:

  • Objective: Coordinate transportation for off-campus events and after-school programs.
  • Assessment: Forecast the number of trips and after-school activities requiring bus transportation and staff supervision.