Minimizing Screen Time on the Path to Spring Break…

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Our weather may not let us know that a seasonal change is forthcoming — but the school calendar does. Spring break is coming. And for many teachers around the country an unusually warm (or perhaps better said, “new normal” of warm weather) Winter left them without snow days– and without a well deserved break.

Not sure what to do over break yourself? Here are some ideas for staff and even parents. 

Not surprisingly, the path to using the screen time typically left for a day or two before a break has potentially accelerated…with teachers facing burn-out a bit earlier than usual. Read more on teacher burn-out here.

Well teachers, worry not– and take note, parents. There are fun ways to get the break you deserve while still giving kids activities that will grow their brains. See some of Possip’s Pre-Spring Break ideas below, and click the link to download the image!