4 Tips to Increase Student Enrollment

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Student enrollment is top of mind for Possip district and school partners.  Savannah, a current Possip reporter and former educator shares tips on how to increase student enrollment for this semester! 

Here are a few enrollment tips from Possip to consider:

1️⃣ Make Your School Accessible: It has been years since many parents and kids have been into a school.  In many places schools and districts have had to cancel tours.  So parents and kids may not be comfortable or remember the power of school.  So make your school accessible!

  • Host playdates at your playground
  • Host outdoor meet ups with teachers and staff
  • Do outdoor performance or parades
  • Have students video a tour inside the school

2️⃣ Tell Your School’s Story: You can powerfully tell your school’s story in an authentic and meaningful way!

  • Some questions to consider asking:
    • Who are you as a school?
    • What does your school value?
    • How was your school founded?
    • Who attends your school?

For instance. check out this story of Rockwood Preparatory Academy in Portland, Oregon, and how they share their story with prospective parents using Possip!

3️⃣ Accessible Applications: School applications can be cumbersome and inaccessible for families. Make it easy for them to access, read, and submit! If you have to rely on your district’s application, consider hosting support hours. No matter the parent body, school applications can feel as hard as doing taxes sometimes.

  • Develop a template that you can use year after year.
    • Check out some of these templates to start!
  • Provide a mobile application for families – P.S. you can use this for so much more than applications!
  • Ensure the application is viewable in multiple languages.

BONUS! Increase Visibility with SEO: Increase your school’s visibility through search engine optimization (SEO).

Search engines are your friend!

  • Most importantly, SEO can ensure your school’s website appears on the first page of Google when specific keywords are searched for.
  • Increasing awareness will increase enrollment.
  • Check out this guide on how to get started with SEO for your school!

Need help identifying the lead causes of declining enrollment in your school? Possip can help!