Possip Spotlight: How RPA Shares Parent Praise with Prospective Families

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RPA Executive Director John Nelsen standing next to two young students in front of the Rockwood School entrance.

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Rockwood Preparatory Academy (RPA) in Portland, Oregon has a simple and easy way to share parent praise with “prospective families and the community at large.”

RPA’s Parent Perspectives Page

We spoke to RPA’s Executive Director, John Nelsen, about their “RPA Parent Perspectives” Page. It includes parent praises from Possip Pulse Checks™. According to Bright Minds Marketing, asking families to write positive online reviews is one factor that can assist with enrollment. And Possip partners, like RPA, receive easy-to-share praise each Pulse Check™. POSSIP reports provide specific comments of praise on a weekly basis. The weekly reports are goldmines of ‘AUTHENTIC’ promotional material,” John said.

The RPA Parent Perspectives Page provides unique perspectives from parents on Rockwood. John’s process is simple. First, he takes verbatim parent praises from Pulse Check™ reports. Then, he excludes student names, abbreviates teacher names, and finally, pastes them onto the page. 

Although he’s unsure of whether or not prospective families have enrolled their children specifically because of the page, he knows they appreciate it.

An Innovative Foundation

Not only does RPA use praise in a simple yet innovative way, RPA is one of Possip’s first partners. When we asked John about his decision to partner with Possip shortly after its founding, he said, “My father was an early educational innovator.  He always wanted to try new ideas to improve elements of public education.  I am a chip off the block.  I heard about Possip and thought: “Wow. This is a great idea.” I know how hard it can be to get a new entity (Possip) off the ground so I went all in.”

To John, Possip only helps reinforce RPA’s great reputation for parent communication. Their Parent Perspectives page is just one more example of this!

Special thanks to RPA’s Executive Director, John Nelsen, for the spotlight story!

The school year may be over for you or ending soon, however, as a Possip partner, you can continue to share your 20-21 Possip parent praise in innovative ways. Looking for more inspiration? Learn about Inglewood Academy’s teacher shoutouts.