Possip Partner Spotlight: Inglewood Elementary’s Staff Celebrations

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This week our Partner Spotlight is on Inglewood Elementary in Nashville, TN. Their dynamic principal, Ashley Croft, uses parent praise from Pulse Checks™ to celebrate her team. Principal Croft spotlights staff in their ‘Tuesday Newsday’ parent newsletter and reposts the spotlights on social media. Read our Q&A with Principal Croft to learn more about Inglewood’s efforts to celebrate its amazing staff, and let us know if you want to connect with her to learn more!

Possip: What inspired you to add Staff Spotlights to ‘Tuesday Newsday’?

Principal Croft @ Inglewood: We really wanted to honor the work that our teachers are doing each and every day. We know that this is a difficult time for teachers—physically, mentally, instructional. W want them to know that their hard work really has a huge impact. We are heading into the enrollment season and we want the community to know the great things that our community is saying about our teachers!

Possip: How have Staff Spotlights impacted your team? 

Principal Croft @ Inglewood: They are SO excited to be featured, and they are even MORE excited to love on their fellow teachers. Our staff gets so excited each week when we share the Staff Spotlight. It allows us time to really celebrate the work everyone is doing! Words of affirmation have such an impact on our staff. With Possip we are able to regularly hear the kind things that parents are saying about their work. We’re seeing that that goes a long way in making sure everyone feels as valued as we know they are!

Possip: Are there any other best practices you’d recommend for sharing and celebrating teacher praise?

Principal Croft @ Inglewood: Each time I get the email that our Pulse Check™ results are in, I can’t wait to read them! I love that we get lots of positive feedback. However, I’m also excited to read constructive feedback that parents may not feel comfortable to share with me directly. To share and celebrate the praise, I always just copy/paste the feedback directly to the teacher. It’s such a quick, impactful way to share the love.