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Facilitating Virtual Meetings: Principal’s Corner

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For most educators, your day-to-day has been a highly in-person and social experience. You probably rely heavily on nonverbal cues during meetings and feel comfortable with leading meetings or profess ...

It’s Time to Pause and Take a Breath

It was the night of March 2nd.  My hometown and neighborhood in Nashville, TN was hit with devastating tornadoes.  Entire neighborhoods were left in piles of wood.  We were out of school for the re ...

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Principal’s Corner: What Parents Are Asking About Coronavirus

Schools and teachers are fast to act.  Part of what makes educators so great is our ability to act, respond, plan, and react.  Being still? Not as much our strength. While earning extra money is one ...

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6 Tips for Accurate Parent Data in Schools

Why Parent Data is Important - and Hard to Maintain “You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.” — Daniel Keys Moran said.  He didn't say this about p ...

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10 Things That Matter When Touring or Choosing Schools

In many cities, parents have options for choosing a school. Parents aren't limited to what is closest to them, and can take advantage of unique features that different schools offer.  While this c ...

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