Possip Praise and Gratitude: Teachers and Staff Exemplify Core Values

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At Possip, we elevate five core values for our team. They are: Get It Done, Think Outside Ourselves, Lead With Humble Confidence, Imbue Positivity, and Grow With a Learner Mindset. 

To celebrate the season of giving thanks, we have rounded up wonderful comments of gratitude that we’ve collected in Possip family and staff Pulse Checks so far this year. It wasn’t hard for us to find evidence of teachers and staff who exemplify our core values every day. We love being aligned with our partners as they serve students and families!  

Core Value 1: Get It Done

Possip’s take: We work hard, are dedicated and reliable, are strategic and keep it simple; have an orientation towards impact; get it done steadily. We appreciate how hard our customers are working at what they do – and how complex life is for so many. We get it done to make life better for our customers, contributors, and team.

Our favorite comments of praise and gratitude for teachers and staff who Get It Done: 

  • After starting at [this school] he is excited to come in, he loves his teacher, has friends and is excited to tell me about what he’s learning. Thank you to everyone who’s made a positive impact.

  • Really grateful for Mrs. Z and Ms. C. They clearly love our scholar, see the positive traits she has, know her strengths/weaknesses, and have set goals for her growth with intention.

  • My daughter really appreciated the positive feedback from her Social Studies teacher, praising her for turning in work on time, doing well with her assignments, and letting her know that she was always there to help. The praise really made her feel good.

Core Value 2: Think Outside Ourselves

Possip’s take: We think of the purpose of what we are doing foremost; operate with empathy; bridge-build; are kind, empathetic, thoughtful; focus on what we are aiming to achieve over what we want to do or say; demonstrate judgment that comes from thinking globally and individually. We value the benefits of diversity and take actions to learn and understand about the people, communities, and organizations we serve. 

Our favorite comments of praise and gratitude for teachers and staff who Think Outside Themselves: 

  • Ms L. is a dream. We love her assignments & creative ways to make learning goals fun.

  • I love the unwavering dedication of not only the teachers, but the staff members as well. From the bottom to the top, I’ve never met more kind and loving people. My son was having challenges early on and the staff never gave up on him. They remained positive and showed lots of interest in his care outside of school as well in terms of the best solutions medically to make his school days easier.

  • Buena comunicación, profesionalismo, creatividad,empatía con los alumnos, el personal y la directora muestran compromiso y dedicación. TRANSLATION from Spanish: Good communication, professionalism, creativity, empathy with students, staff and director show commitment and dedication.

  • My daughter’s Pre-Calc teacher goes out of her way to provide additional support outside of the classrooms. Her zoom meetings are impactful and a blessing. Thank you Ms R!

Core Value 3: Lead With Humble Confidence

Possip’s take: We are confident in our expertise, wisdom, and insights; we know enough to know how little we know – but confident enough to be taken seriously and help those we partner with learn and grow. We recognize the limits of our own perspective – so seek out diverse perspectives. 

Our favorite comments of praise and gratitude for teachers and staff who Lead With Humble Confidence: 

  • I thought a principal is someone who sits behind the chair in his office. But Mr S has shown me what an awesome principal he is. He is everywhere in every single event, i.e. traffic control at drop off in the morning and at dismissal, host at parent meeting….. you see him everywhere working hard! Also, he is into details. He even calls every single kid by name when he greets them! How amazing! Making kids feel they are individual and important! He is humble, approachable and fun. He is a hard worker from my observations! With gratitude, Thank you Mr S for your dedication and hard work for kids’ growth and development. 

  • Best start to the school year in three at [our school]. Everyone has jumped in and worn many hats. The leadership team is leaning on each other and working collaboratively together. The teachers and grade team leaders are working well together to introduce a strong culture and curriculum. The school staff has been amazing in their attitude and energy.

Core Value 4: Imbue Positivity

Possip’s take: We are positive – positive is part of our name. We look on the bright side, see the cup half-full, and see the opportunity in challenges. At Possip, we communicate with positive intent, assuming the best about our colleagues, team, and partners. 

Our favorite comments of praise and gratitude for teachers and staff who Imbue Positivity: 

  • I love the culture of [our] Elementary, everyone seems very positive and willing to help each other in times of need. It is a great community to be a part of.

  • The PRESENCE of our principal in the hallways, lunchroom, activities, announcements etc. sets a positive tone that can be felt in the building.

  • Mrs. W is doing a great job. She communicates regularly and is engaging with both the students and parents. I also appreciate her positive and upbeat attitude.

  • Love the positive learning environment. I love that teachers are kind, empathetic, welcoming to all. I like the ideas and curriculum taught, great culture and atmosphere making all students of all kinds welcome.

Core Value 5: Grow With a Learner Mindset

Possip’s take: We look for opportunities to grow and learn. At Possip, We are open to feedback, easy learners, and have “no ego amigo”. We accept imperfection in our path to learn and get better. We stay curious.

Our favorite comments of praise and gratitude for teachers and staff who Grow With a Learner Mindset: 

  • Thank you to everyone involved in educating the whole child! Love the positive atmosphere, the communication and dedication to growth mindset! Keep being awesome and keep welcoming feedback please!

  • The school is moving in the right direction. There are some growing pains, but I think it is for the best. Keep doing what y’all do and focus on the kids.

  • My son needed some help with transitions. The teacher gave me a call and asked if I have advice. She assured me that he wasn’t in trouble. She also had comments for room for growth and what he was doing well. I love when I’m told areas of growth as well as what he is doing well. Also, carline is getting faster by the day which is great. So far, I am pleased with my son’s kindergarten experience.

  • Mrs. A, Ms. B, and Ms. C have all  been mentioned at home as positive influences on my daughter. I love that she has so much love for her teachers and her school.  Overall, the sense of community is there and I see that it has a positive effect on my child’s passions and interest in learning. I also appreciate the strength based approach and that they explained to my daughter that it isn’t that she isn’t good at math operations but it is something she needs more practice in. That is a very positive way to encourage my daughter and help her to stay persistent. 

Parents Love to Share Positive Gossip (Possip!)

We love elevating the positive comments parents share about their schools – and teachers and staff love to hear them! Last year, we saw this comment from an elementary parent here in Nashville:

  • Yet again, so thankful for you all [the teachers and staff at my child’s school]! Sometimes it feels like teachers only hear the bad news so I’m thankful Possip is back so I can remind you how wonderful you all are!

Does your staff need a reminder of how wonderful they are as this semester comes to a close? Contact Possip to find out how we can help you easily gather the gratitude your families have and share them with your team!