Possip: 2023 Round Up of Research and Resources

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Possip Recap

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As we say goodbye to 2023, we’re excited to reflect on the trailblazing journey of Possip. Our platform has supported two-way communication between schools and their families, staff, and students. We are truly honored to be a part of so many communities across the nation. 

Alongside our Pulse Checks® and Strategic Surveys, we offer strategies, tips, and encouragement throughout the year based on what we hear from our #PossipPartners. Let’s dive into the resources Possip provided this year that resonated most with parents, teachers, and school leaders:

The Rise of the SMS Rules of the Road

Our most downloaded resource, the “SMS Rules of the Road,” offers in-depth insights into updated SMS communication strategies and guidelines for schools using SMS to engage their families. The timely and value-packed content of this resource underscores Possip’s commitment to offering top-tier information and support. You can access this resource here.

2023 Possip Events: Data, Action Steps, and Hope

Possip hosted seven informative and inspiring events in 2023, attracting over 1,200 registrants from across the country.  Each event highlighted issues and trends we saw reflected in responses to our Pulse Checks over the year. The events focused on areas such as increasing attendance and enrollment, leveraging community feedback for school improvement, and strategies to improve staff retention.

The “3rd Annual Trends Event” was particularly noteworthy, shedding light on the emerging trends of the 2022-2023 school year. Similarly, the “Breaking the Language Barrier” event provided insights into overcoming communication hurdles in diverse school environments. These events didn’t just share information; they created a shared space for learning, networking, and community building.

Here are recaps from the seven 2023 Possip events: 

Top Blog Posts in 2023

The most read posts on Possip’s blog in 2023 covered a variety of topics, indicating the diverse interests of Possip’s audience.

2023 Conclusion: A Year of Meaningful Connections

In conclusion, 2023 for Possip was a year marked by meaningful connections, resourceful insights, and community-driven events.

Possip’s resources not only catered to the immediate needs of its audience but also anticipates future trends and concerns in the education sector. As Possip continues to grow and evolve, it remains a vital link between schools and their communities, a testament to the power of effective communication and engagement in education. We’re so grateful for our partnerships with leaders who want to actively engage and lift the voices of everyone in their community!