What Is Possip? A Primer for the Curious Parent

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Possip Knowledge and Content Manager, Mandy Wallace, shares everything a curious parent needs to know about Possip!

At Possip, we understand the significance of being an engaged and informed parent. We know you want to work with your school to provide the best possible education and opportunity for your child (and their classmates!). Also, we know that sometimes it can be intimidating or logistically impossible to be active and engaged with your child’s school. 

We help parents communicate their feedback and praise to schools on a regular basis. We also provide credible and trustworthy resources for both parents who are already familiar with Possip and those who are considering it. Here’s why:

Parent Voices Matter

We believe in the power of parent voices and their positive impact in schools. Possip provides a platform for parents to share their feedback, concerns, and suggestions and then delivers that information to school leaders and teachers. We have reached out to and positively impacted the lives of over 1 million parents since our inception in 2017.


Over 1,500 schools and educational institutions trust and endorse Possip. Our platform has been successfully implemented in various educational settings, helping schools improve communication, engagement, and overall student experience.

Positive Impact

Many parents have already experienced the benefits of Possip. By sharing Possip as an option with your child’s school or district, you’ll be part of a movement to create a collaborative and supportive learning environment. Together, we can foster positive teacher-student-parent relationships and drive meaningful improvements within the school community.

Could Possip benefit your child’s school or district? If you would like more information about Possip or need assistance introducing it to your child’s school or district, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to support you every step of the way!

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