Cincinnati Public School Families

Thank you for your feedback Cincinnati Public Schools with stapler, rules, pencils, and ribbon.

We have heard from many of you Parents/Guardians/Caregivers through Possip Pulse Checks™ this semester and want to share back trends that CPS is hearing. Thank you for using voice to share your ideas, praise, feedback, and needs to help your child – and all of our schools.  

This semester, over 15,500 of you shared through these Pulse Checks. Thank you for Activating Your Voice. Your feedback helps your child’s school and increases their academic and social-emotional success. What Happens After a Pulse Check?
  • District leaders review trends and overall results with principals. 
  • Principals read their individual reports and take action based on family comments.
Trending Topics From 2022 Pulse Checks:
  • Praise for teachers and staff members! Over 50% of all the positive comments were for teachers and how they support students, create nurturing environments, and are appreciated!
  • COVID-19 related feedback, opinions, questions, and appreciation for safety measures and new protocols or transitions this semester
  • Feedback about teacher’s curriculum and a focus on enhancing student learning
  • Both praise and feedback about the amount of teacher communication
  • Feedback about transportation and a more reliable bus service
  • Questions and feedback about bullying prevention and how schools are addressing bullying on campus
Last week specifically, 70% of families said “yes” to feeling happy with their child’s school. Overall, most families were positive about their student’s school since the start of the year.
  • 70% of families said “yes” to feeling happy with their child’s school. 
  • 17% of families said they were “mostly” happy and 13% said “no” to feeling happy

We look forward to continuing to use Possip Pulse Checks ™ in the 2022-2023 school year to hear your valued input. 

This is the last pulse check of the semester, but remember to #activateyourvoice next year

Please remember to contact your school office to update important contact information as it changes.

We look forward to hearing from all of you!