Family Trends from Week Ending on November 5th

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Possip Reporting Team Lead, Amanda Richards, writes about the top 10 family feedback trends pulled from our Possip Pulse Checks™ from the week ending on November 5th, 2021.

Top 10 Feedback Trends from Possip Families

This past week, over 6,000 family members shared through Possip Pulse Checks™! 76% of families were happy this week.

What is top of mind for families this week?

We wanted to start with two noteworthy trends that didn’t make the top 10 trends, but we wanted to highlight them for you:

  1. Families are sharing an increased amount of feedback on the school schedule. Specifically changing school start times, changing lunch duration, and time for students to get to classes. 
  2. We are noticing an increase in families who have students in 504/Special Education programs requesting more support. Families are advocating for more accommodations, quicker evaluations, and more staff to support students learning needs.

Top 10 Trends 

1. Feedback on mask usage and COVID safety measures on campus. Families asked questions about vaccination mandates in specific districts and how schools are continuing to keep students safe at school.

2. Feedback around having smoother carline logistics and ideas to increase student safety at dismissal due to carline.

3. A desire for more extracurricular activities and requests for more social and fun opportunities for students.

4. More frequent communication with their school leaders and more general school updates throughout the week.

5. Feedback around curriculum feedback and ensuring learning is high quality. Families are asking for things like less screen time in class and more opportunities for advanced learning in the curriculum. 

6. Requests for support with bullying in schools. In addition, families shared that either their child is being bullied and are asking for more interventions or that families are advocating for general bullying prevention in school.

7. Feedback about increasing teacher communication to families. Parents want more frequent and consistent updates about what is happening in the classroom and want to build a relationship with the teachers. Similarly, we’ve heard families want a timely response from teachers when they email or call. 

8. Requests for transportation needs and feedback about bus routes, late busses, or bus driver feedback. As a result, we’ve also heard families note that they feel attendance policies should take late busses or bus availability into account during this time.  For context, bus driver shortages are happening around the country – so many schools and districts are struggling with this.

9. Requests for more academic support for students. Families want more individualized tutoring, differentiation, and opportunities to catch up on learning if they are struggling. 

10. Ideas and feedback about the content of school communication. We heard families specifically share that they want to hear when lockdown drills are happening on campus and want year-long school calendars provided proactively.

Thank you to all that contributed to the family feedback trends week ending on November 1st to November 5th, 2021.

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