Four Ways to Find Funding for Your School or District

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Savannah, a current Possip reporter and former educator, discusses four ways to find funding for your school or district so that you can use a program like Possip!

As a former teacher, the word “funding” is one that still incites emotions that aren’t exactly positive. As a teacher, it often felt like there was never enough money to cover curriculum or classroom expenses, student sports fees, technology needs, etc. Or, when teachers do have a need, or an idea, the process of applying for funding can feel incredibly overwhelming and exhausting. While this isn’t necessarily true of all schools, it’s rare that a school, or district, has a surplus of disposable funds.



So, what do you do when you want to find funding for a program like Possip!? Here are a few ideas and resources to start with:

ESSER Funding

If your school received ESSER funding as a result of the pandemic, it’s possible you can use them to fund Possip, or other similar programs.. Generally, ESSER funding is used to maintain day to day school operations during COVID. Possip is a helpful communication tool that supports school communities and families, especially when in-person contact is limited. You can visit your state’s government website for more information regarding the stipulations of these funds.

Title 1 Dollars

Title 1 dollars can be used for non-instructional costs that help support student achievement, such as community engagement! Most of our school and district partners who receive Title 1 funding find Possip a great match for their Title 1 funds – specifically to not only engage their families but to have easy records of compliance with SEC. 1116. [20 U.S.C. 6318] PARENT AND FAMILY ENGAGEMENT.  While the entire section reinforces the many dimensions through which Possip is a great use of funding, the general description can be found here: “A local educational agency may receive funds under this part only if such agency conducts outreach to all parents and family members and implements programs, activities, and procedures for the involvement of parents and family members in programs assisted under this part consistent with this section. Such programs, activities, and procedures shall be planned and implemented with meaningful consultation with parents of participating children.”

Title 3 Dollars

While using Title 3 money is possible, it’s rare, and dependent on your school community demographics. Title 3 is differentiated support for EL families. Possip provides translation in many languages, so this definitely qualifies! The stipulation here is that the services have to be above and beyond what English speaking students/families receive. So, the school would need to use Possip only for non-English speaking families and students. Depending on your school’s needs, this could work, but the perimeters are more specific. Click here to learn more about Title 3!

Allocated Budget

Does your school have an allocated budget for family engagement, school climate, or staff support? If so, Possip fits all of these categories! Possip offers family and staff Pulse Checks™ to improve the overall school climate and culture. There are a variety of plans available depending on your school’s specific needs. We believe in our mission at Possip, and we want to make this resource work for you! 

Finding funding is a common battle for most schools. Whether it be for classroom supplies, a field trip, or building a library, figuring out how to use specific resources can be a process, depending on the system. Spending time reading the stipulations and guidelines for your available funding is helpful so you can strategically plan the best way to use it. If you need further support we’re happy to help. We know finding funding can be hard, especially right now. We also know clear communication, powerful praise, and formative feedback can build a school’s culture.