Grizzlies Prep: Parents with Pastries

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Written by Possip’s Customer Relationship Manager, Jasmine Blue

Pastries with parents is Grizzlies Prep newest family engagement event, and it was a clear success.

Before the event, Grizzlies Prep, a Possip partner, used the Possip Bonus Question (BQ) to ask families if they planned on attending. They got an above average reply from parents saying yes. On the day of, they ran through 100 donuts and all of their extra pastries.



We talked to Grizzlies Prep’s Parent Liaison, Jennifer Benton, to find out why this event felt different than others, and she shared some tips:

    1. The timing. The event was early in the morning, before school and before work for many parents, which made it more accessible.
    2. Marketing. They marketed 2-3 weeks in advance, which proved to be a sweet spot for letting their families know it was happening.
    3. The Possip Bonus Question. The *BQ was another opportunity to gauge how many parents were interested in the event and what they could expect from the turnout.
    4. Reminder. On Sunday night before the Monday morning event, they sent out a text reminder to parents.



Jennifer and the school are excited about making this an annual event for their families to connect with each other and the school. One of the benefits of the event? Jennifer was able to develop a team of parents interested in helping with events. Being at the event prompted some parents to ask: how can I help with this in the future? As opposed to finding volunteers through a dedicated parent involvement meeting, parents got to experience an event, and essentially say, “I want to help create more of this for our school community going forward.”



Thanks to Jennifer and Grizzlies Prep for the photos! You can learn more about Grizzlies Prep here and read more stories about our Possip partners here.

*The BQ: Hi from Grizzlies Prep! Pastries with Parents is on Monday, January 30 from 7-8am. Enjoy pastries with your student before school starts. Will you attend? Please reply: YES, MAYBE, or NO.