Family Trends from Week Ending in October 15th

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Possip Reporting Team Lead, Amanda Richards, writes about the top 10 parent communication through feedback trends pulled from our Possip Pulse Checks™ from October 11th through October 15th, 2021.

Trends from Family Feedback 

This past week, over 12,000 family members shared through Possip Pulse Checks™! 74% of families were happy this week.

Here are the top 10 trends:

#1: Feedback on mask usage and COVID safety measures on campus. Families shared opinions about what they wanted to see, with some parents wanting more safety measures and others wanting less.

#2: More communication from teachers about how individual students are doing in class, how they are performing academically, and a general increase in the frequency of communication families receive.

#3: Smoother carline logistics and feedback about enhancing the efficiency of carline.

#4: Feedback around cafeteria food, outdoor eating logistics, and the time students get to eat during lunch.

#5: Request for transportation needs and feedback about bus routes, late busses, or bus driver feedback.

#6 Feedback about the homework assignments given to students. Families discussed the amount of homework, how to turn in homework, and the rigor of the assignment skills.

#7: Questions about extracurricular activities and a desire to have more sports or afterschool activities for students.

#8: Questions about how schools are sharing COVID-19 specific information with families. Parents want transparent, timely, and consistent communication.

#9: Feedback about bullying on campus. Families are sharing that their students are getting bullied or that their student sees others getting bullied. 

#10: More frequent communication with their school leaders and more general school updates throughout the week.

Noteworthy Trends Not In Top 10:

#1: We’re noticing a lot of comments and feedback about quarantine learning and planning for what students do academically during quarantine periods. Most families aren’t feeling like effective learning plans are ready for this time.

#2: We also saw that families and students are seeing an increase in fighting on campus. So, families want school leaders to address the safety issues and support students with social-emotional learning or increase security.

#3: Restrooms are still another top concern for families. Students don’t feel like they have the ability to use the restroom when they need it and that the restrooms aren’t monitored effectively. 

Thanks to all of Possip parent communication for contributing to Possip Pulse Checks™ to develop the Top 10 Parent Feedback Trends!

If you have questions about these trends, how to resolve them in your school or have feedback on our trends blog, please reach out to!