Family Trends from Week Ending in April 2

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During the week ending April 2th, we received almost 14,000 responses from parents or caregivers to a Pulse Check™ with their praise and insights. We know parents and family members hear from their school after Possip Pulse Checks™, but you may wonder what else is happening across the 26 states where Possip partners with schools, districts and families. Take a look at an overview of parent praise and insights from across the country.

Last week, 71% of parents responded that they were happy with their child’s school, with the remaining saying they were mostly happy or not happy with their child’s school.

We saw a few themes in parent praise and insights across the country:

  • Praise for teachers who have been flexible, understanding, caring, and accommodating during this time
  • General satisfaction and continued praise for schools that are planning to reopen schools or recently moved to in-person learning
  • Continued feedback and comments about school reopening plans and future or current COVID safety protocols
  • Continued requests for increased communication to families
  • Request for more updates on student’s progress, feedback on homework assignments, and tutoring support
  • Comments about transportation services, carline logistics, and safety measures on school buses

Here are a few suggested parent tools and resources based on what we are hearing.

We also shared these resources with our partner schools…

We’d love to hear from you. What else do you want to need or see? Do these parent praise and insights align with what you see?