Possip Staff BQs for Equity, School Climate and Culture

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Possip sends Pulse Checks™ to staff to strengthen organizations and school climate and culture through praise and feedback.

What trends come through in those reports? 

Across the board, team members want to feel respected, trusted and compensated. They want to know their feedback is valid and impactful. They want proactive leaders with clear guidelines, protocols, and decision making. And leaders who adapt to their needs by acknowledging their lives and space and time, care for their mental health, and lighten work loads.

Keep these topics front and center while also being curious about your organization or school climate and culture, and the culture people want to be a part of. It takes collaborative conversations and group effort to re-energize a culture authentically. 

At our last PARTNER POWER CONNECT, Monchiere’ Holmes-Jones, the CEO and Founder of MOJO Marketing + PR taught us that “authentic community and culture arise when people are presented with opportunities to express and celebrate themselves.” 

Bonus Questions (BQs) are a great way to help people express and celebrate themselves in new ways every Pulse Check™.

The Bonus Questions below will help with your goals in supporting a strong and thriving school culture! 
  1. Check in on trust. Trust often starts with good communication and meeting basic needs.
    • Do you feel trusted?
    • Do you believe people who share your background have opportunities here?
    • Do you have the materials you need to be successful in your work?
    • What changes do you feel are most needed? 
    • Are you satisfied with the communication on returning to school in-person?
    • How effective has our communication been about [insert topic of importance]?
    • How would you like to see our communication improve?
  2. Check in on safety in learning environments, especially during COVID-19.
    • What are the primary safety issues you would like addressed before returning in person?
    • What are your thoughts on the safety protocols in place for staff?
    • What additional information do you need about our protocols?
  3. Get curious about the school climate and culture people want to be a part of. Allow current teachers input on the culture your organization is creating. Ask your team questions about the brand they and others want to be associated with.
    • What do you love most about our school culture? 
    • How can we improve our culture? 
    • How can we make our district a desirable and competitive place to work? 
  4. Check in on inclusivity and diversity.
    • Do you feel included in decision making? 
    • Do you feel like the school is an inclusive environment?
    • What changes would make the school feel more inclusive?
    • How can we help families feel welcome in our school? 
    • How can we make our curriculum more diverse? 
  5. Ask about well-being and opportunities forgrowth.
    • In the past seven days, have you felt recognized for your work?
    • Do you have opportunities to share what you’re learning and reading? 
    • What have you been experimenting with in the classroom? 
    • Do you feel valued and appreciated? 
  1. Get people to share praise and what’s going well! 

Want more? Here’s a blog with three way to use BQs to increase family buy-in and turnout at school events.