Better Questions to Increase Family Turnout

a parent reading to their kids along with a graphic of question marks and speech bubbles

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Possip Knowledge and Content Manager, Mandy Wallace, shares ways Bonus Questions can increase family turnout!

What if you could get an accurate forecast of what types of events the families at your school would attend this year – and what barriers prevent them from coming? 

We’ve all been there: teachers and staff put an enormous amount of energy into an awesome Literacy Night for families… and three families show up. The conversation is wonderful and everyone finds the evening valuable, but everyone goes home wishing more families would have come. 

Possip can help get that forecast for you. Our Possip Pulse Checks collects feedback of all kinds:

  • Praise for what’s going well
  • Concerns families have
  • Customizable questions for each school campus to poll families

Here are three ways schools have used the bonus question feature to get valuable information for planning successful family events and increase turnout:

1. Gauge interest and build buy-in for to help plan successful family workshop and social opportunities. Examples:

  • Hi from Your School! Would you be interested in joining a literacy class at your child’s school? Please reply: YES, MAYBE, or NO.
  • Would you be interested in attending ESL parent classes in the mornings? Please reply: YES or NO.
  • Hi from Your School! Last month, a majority of you let us know that you are interested in a family game night next semester. What types of games (video or board) would you like to play at game night?
  • All families: what events do you hope to see this semester? Returning families: What was your favorite event last year?
  • What subject are you interested in learning more about at a family event? Please select: Science, Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies, or our Related Arts.
  • What events would you be most excited to attend this year? Please select 1 letter.  A) Sports Events; B) Events in the Arts (music, theater, art); C) Academic  Related Events; D) Community Eventsl E) Other


2. To help with event turnout, survey families on times that work best for them or get an estimated headcount. Examples:

  • Report card conferences are October 5th.  Are you planning to attend? Please reply Yes or No.  If No, please share any barriers to attendance.
  • What are social or family events you’d like to see at your child’s school?
  • What days and times work best for you and your family for school events?  Please select a letter: A) Mornings (around dropoff); B) During lunch time (between 11am-1pm); C) After school (between 3pm and 4pm); D) In the Evenings after 5PM
  • Hi from Your School! Are you coming to the parent event “Unleashing Your Child’s Potential” on Wednesday, August 31? We will view and discuss a short movie. Please reply: YES or NO. Learn more here: [unique event website hosted by school]


3. After an event, get feedback to help inform planning for future events. Examples:

  • Of the parent workshops this semester, which topic would you like more resources on? Please reply with the number of the topic you want more resources on. 1) College Applications 2) Student Study Groups 3) Supporting Your Highschooler 4) Opiates, Alcohol and Drug Prevention, and Wellness
  • Did the Back to School BBQ help you feel connected to the School Community? Please reply: YES or NO.  Please share additional information or feedback.
  • If you attended Family Bingo Night or the virtual Family Health and Wellness Event, please share what your family enjoyed about the event(s)!  If you did not attend, please reply: NA
  • Have you been able to attend a Family Event this year?  Please reply Yes or No.  If No, can you share barriers to attendance?

For more sample Bonus Questions for the beginning of the year, check out these helpful posts. To find out more about how Possip can help you boost family buy-in through customized questions and polling your families in real-time, click here!