Possip Team Teacher Appreciation Pt. 2

A headshot of Savannah Staley, a headshot of Stephen Casey, and a headshot of Natalie Sessoms under the phrase "Possip Team Teacher Appreciation" which is surrounded by two flag banners with pink and blue flags.

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Teacher Appreciation Week is in May annually, but at Possip we celebrate teachers and educators year round! Many of our reporters and full-time Possip team members have worked in education as classroom volunteers, teachers, and school administrators. They bring their education expertise into their work– making recommendations for school leaders and teams, helping our partners meet their goals, and creating blog content for school leaders and teachers.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to feature Q&As with current and former teachers on our team to show Possip teacher appreciation!

Meet Possip Reporting Team members, Savannah and Stephen, and Possip Sales Team Member, Natalie Sessoms!

Savannah Staley

What is your favorite novel to teach?

All students should be able to equitably access an education that creates space for them to think critically, explore new ideas, and practice creativity. I had the opportunity to create this space for students by building relationships that allow them to feel truly seen. For example, my favorite novel to teach is The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison. It allows Black and Brown students to see themselves represented in literature. Students explore this text through the Feminist lens and practice applying Critical Race Theory. Meanwhile, these frameworks provide them with an even deeper dive into this already beautiful work. Furthermore, it’s important we teach texts that embody the entirety of the human experience, and Morrison does this in a truly profound way.

Stephen Casey

Why do you love teaching?

I love to teach because I truly believe everyone has a light that is hidden within them. Sometimes we have to work hard to remove the things that bury the light. Therefore, my goal is to motivate scholars to grow the light that is buried within them, so their light can shine brighter and farther.

Natalie Sessoms

A headshot of Natalie Sessoms, former K, 1st, and 2nd grade teacher.

What is your hope for teachers and teaching?

I hope teachers: feel cared for and supported. Take risks. Continually learn. Advocate for themselves and their students. Center students’ humanity. And value the unique beauties and capabilities of all learners.

Thanks Savannah, Stephen, and Natalie! Interested in joining the Possip team or learning more? Click here! Additionally, you can read more Possip Team stories here.