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Administrators, teachers, and parents are called to lead at this moment.

Possip gives you the resources – downloadable templates and a complete line of Professional Development – so you can lead.


For Teachers

Planning for Distance Learning

After a stressful distance learning roll-out in the spring, teachers and leaders alike are ready to make the Fall’s Distance Learning 2.0 far more successful.  Using proactive summer planning, this professional development session will guide you in creating your plan for the 2020-2021 school year.  We will combine insights from over 10,000 parents with the rich experiences of a principal, teacher, leader of a remote team of 200 staff members, and a product manager for a digital publisher.  These diverse perspectives combined with design thinking will help you plan a successful distance learning future for your students and families.

(1 hour) $50 virtual session/person or $500 for team of 10+

Executing Effective Distance Learning

This spring, we all saw that teaching in front of a classroom and teaching remotely are different. Many teachers still haven’t been trained on best practices, or at most received a last-minute crash course. Combining insights from over 10,000 parents with the experiences of a principal, teacher, and digital publisher, you will learn best practices for executing effective distance learning.

(1 hour) $50 virtual session/person or $500 for team of 10+


Making Diversity in Your Classroom a Strength

Racially and linguistically diverse classrooms have so much opportunity – and can also offer additional complexity. We will share insights, worries, and ideas from over 10,000 parents and utilize the rich experiences of a trained diversity facilitator, a principal and team of teachers to give you information about how you can make diversity in your classroom a strength.

(1 hour) $50 virtual session/person or $500 for team of 10+

Strengthening Your Practices As An Anti-Racist Teacher 

You have started your work to be an anti-racist teacher, and now you want to elevate it. Based on direct insights from over 10,000 parents, research-based best practices, and experienced diversity practitioners, teachers, and principals, you will learn how to strengthen your practices as an anti-racist teacher in this professional development program.

(1 hour) $50 virtual session/person or $500 for team of 10+

For Leaders

Diverse and Equitable Systems

As schools and districts take this time to reflect on current practices and systems, this professional development session is designed to help you identify areas of inequity, opportunities to strengthen diversity and to create ongoing systems to support diversity and equity. You will access the insights and needs from the diverse parents Possip hears from, and learn how you can go from listening to implementing equitable systems.

(2 hours) $100 virtual session/person or $1000 for team of 10+

Maximizing Parent Training for Your Wins

Leaders should be striving to have loyal, dedicated, parent partners, and advocates. We call these parents Champions, by your side and supporting the work you and your school do every day. Champions are active advocates in the school community who strengthen positive parent culture, support you and your campus initiatives, and can step up to help lead parent initiatives. This professional development session will help you give parents voice and equip them to become Champions of your school through intentional parent training.

(1 hour) $50 virtual session/person or $500 for team of 10+

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Maximizing Possip in Your Community 

Possip has solved many school and district challenges during school courses, and there have been specific best practices used to maximize Possip technology in school communities. In this session, you will understand how to best utilize Possip technology in your district to make the greatest impact on parent engagement and meet the most parent needs.

(1 hour) $50 virtual session/person or $500 for team of 10+

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Principal Reopening Retreat  

Having a strong reopening plan is crucial to provide safety for your students, staff, and families. At Possip, we know many parents have varying views on what should happen in the fall, and general “blueprints” and “roadmaps” lack specific details. This session will take insights from over 10,000 parents with the rich experiences of a principal, teacher, leader of a remote team of 200 staff members to help you plan your systems and structures for school reopening virtually. Topics include remote teacher development systems, student accountability and culture systems, and distance parent engagement and communication strategies.

(half-day) $500 virtual session/person

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The Possip Store

Get the Resources You Need to Lead

  • Meet the Teacher Night

    Looking for a simple and effective way to lead your Meet the Teacher Night-  download this fully editable PowerPoint that will enable your families to get to know you and how you run your classroom!

  • School Reopening Checklist

    Want to make sure you’ve thought through most everything?  Download this list (School Reopening Checklist) to help you as you make your to-do list!

  • Reopening Family Town Hall

    Downloaded by nearly 300 district and school leaders
    This ready-made deck can be customized for your school so you can host a reopening family town hall virtually.

  • Tech Troubleshooting Checklist

    If any of your families will be engaged in remote learning, they’ll likely need the ability to do some internal tech troubleshooting.  Here’s a resource you can share with them.

  • Virtual Parent Organization Meeting Customizable Deck

    Share this with your PTO or PTO or Family Organization leader.  This can help set them up for their first meeting of the year!