Staff Trends from Week Ending in October 15th

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Possip Reporting Team Lead, Amanda Richards, writes about the top 10 staff trends from week ending in October 15th pulled from our Possip Pulse Checks™ .

Top 10 Feedback Trends from School Staff

This past week, we received over 3,800 responses from staff members (teachers, admin, etc) through Possip Pulse Checks™! 54% of staff members were happy this week. 

  1. Teacher Workloads
    • Many teachers are overwhelmed and don’t feel like their workload is sustainable. In addition to this, staff members also stated that they are being asked to do more every day, and want support in decreasing additional work.
  2. Financial Compensation
    • Requests for increases in financial compensation and advocating for raises in teacher salary.
  3. COVID Safety Measures
    • Holding teachers accountable for following protocols for themselves and students. 
  4. Curriculum Content
    • Discussing curriculum content and the pace teachers are required to go. Additionally, some teachers are also requesting a curriculum that they can utilize in their classroom instead of creating it independently (both general education and SPED curriculum).
  5. Professional Development and Teacher Training
    • Teachers feel they are in Professional Development training too much, that it’s not touching on the highest need topics, and request for specific types of Professional Development sessions.
  6. Student Behavior
    • Many teachers are feeling unsupported by administrators concerning student behavior. Additionally. they also want support holding students accountable for behavior in the classroom.
  7. Substitute Plans
    • Questions and feedback about substitute plans on campus. Teachers shared there are not enough subs to cover classes and they are in need of substitute support. 
  8. Improving Communication
    • Feedback about improving communication to teachers and school staff. They want to hear from district administrators more often and proactively.
  9. Teacher Duties and Requirements
    • Feedback about teacher duties and requirements on campus. Staff members are sharing that they are having to take on new duties and responsibilities that are not sustainable.
  10. Mental Health Support
    • Comments about mental health support and giving teachers and school staff members time, space, and resources to foster teachers’ mental and emotional health.

To sum up, here are the categories of staff trends by percentage:

staff trends categories

If you have questions about these trends, how to resolve them in your school or have feedback on our trends blog, please reach out to