With Love, to Teachers

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Sara Peters, a mother of three and Possip team member, shares her experiences and appreciation for her child’s teacher! 

With love, to Teachers

Want some words of encouragement and appreciation to share with your teacher? Here is our Possip formula!

Thank you [insert teacher’s name], for helping [my student’s name] this school year! You have been a huge help to my [student’s name] and I am sure, countless others!

We hear from a lot of parents at Possip.  Each week, we hear from parents who need answers to their questions, have feedback to share or have great things to say about schools.  Of all the praise that parents share, 65% is specifically for teachers. Check out this article to see how much impact praise can have on teachers! 

It’s easy to see why.  Teachers are some of the most important influences in a child’s life.  Many of us are who we are today, because of a teacher.  Teachers not only equip our kids with all the skills they need, but also love and care for them along the way.  And it’s really hard work!

So as we close out this year, another year where more has been asked of teachers than they ever could have imagined, I wanted to write a letter of love and thanks, and remembrance.

To Teacher Andrea,

My ode to teachers everywhere is borne out of my gratitude for one of the best that ever was– Teacher Andrea.  Most of us have had a Teacher Andrea in our own lives or our children’s lives– a teacher whose impact is so profound, it’s life-changing.  

My two oldest children were lucky enough to have Teacher Andrea for Pre-K.  Teacher Andrea was made to teach preschoolers–  she was warm, kind, calm, wise and truly loved each and every child.  My kiddos thrived in her class because they were known.  They learned all the basics, but also, life skills that have helped shape them into who they are today — problem-solving, empathy, sharing, kindness and love.

It’s hard to capture in words what an impact Teacher Andrea had on my children.  But it’s not just my children.  Over her years in the classroom, Teacher Andrea touched the lives of hundreds of children in our community.  I often think about this impact– the gifts she gave to all these children and their families and how we’re all better people having known her.

With her passing earlier this year, the world lost one of the best.  While so many, including our family, feel a deep sense of loss and sadness, we also feel a deep sense of gratitude.  Gratitude that my children had her in their life, and gratitude knowing she gave them gifts that will last a lifetime.

So, thank the Teacher Andrea in your life this holiday season.  And to all the teachers out there, thank you.  Thank you for teaching, loving, and showing up during yet another challenging school year, for our children.  And if you need a reminder, your impact is so profound and so lasting.  

Sara's oldest on her sharing day with Teacher Andrea

My oldest on her sharing day with Teacher Andrea.

4 years later, my middle kiddo on his graduation day from Pre-K.