Top Trends from March ‘23 Family Pulse Checks

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Caitlin Churchill, Possip’s Community Director provides an overview of top family feedback trends from March. If you love these Trend blogs, look forward to the annual Trends Reveal this April 26!

We are gearing up to ask key questions about the 2022-23 trends data at the 3rd Annual Trends Reveal this April 26. Don’t miss your opportunity to register now at this link to be in on the conversation – parents and educators are invited to this national event!

Over 14,000 new people contributed to Pulse Check responses in March, and over 35,000 families from across the country took the Possip Pulse Check!

An interesting note on what we call the Happiness Sentiment Rating. The Happiness Sentiment Rating dipped slightly in February – from 77% to 75% – and has settled at 74% this March. This data represents nearly 900 schools across the country.

One interesting note we mentioned last month and want to reiterate! Happiness is higher for families receiving Pulse Checks weekly, dropping a percentage point for families receiving Pulse Checks biweekly, and a couple more for those receiving Pulse Checks monthly.

Below are the top 10 trends from report recommendations in March:

#1 Teacher Feedback:

Teacher Feedback is holding steady as the top trend this year. This is especially interesting to us as it was not a top trend last year. We’ll explore why Teacher Feedback has been a consistent trend this year in a conversation with Possip CEO Shani Dowell and Lead Reporter Amanda Richards at the upcoming 3rd Annual Trends Reveal on April 26. Register now at this link to be in on the conversation!

#2 Communication with Teachers

Communication with Teachers is the second trend this month. Overall communication is a significant trend – representing about a fifth of all recommendations. This trend includes communication about frequency and grades. Parents cite wanting to be in touch with how their student is progressing academically or needing a better way to contact the school. Reporters suggested this Possip blog on Communications Solutions.

#3 & #5 School Safety and Campus Security

New to the top 10 this month is Campus Security which is closely related to School Safety. The topic resonates deeply given the tragic school shooting in Nashville on March 7. You may know that Possip is a Nashville-based company, and we are grieving alongside our neighbors. This past November, Possip CEO Shani Dowell shared, “For schools and districts and parents to truly deal with school safety, we have to get honest. And the honest truth is, none of us have answers. We have to at least start asking ourselves the questions.” In this Possip blog, Shani offers questions for creating a safe school culture and includes questions for leaders and parents to consider.

#4 Curriculum Feedback

This winter families were asking for a more rigorous curriculum. The curriculum feedback has shifted more recently. Now the general ask is that schools help make learning fun and help kids generate some enthusiasm and motivation! Parents are mentioning fine arts options and other elective classes students would enjoy. Possip reporters suggested hosting a curriculum night for families and reviewing course options with a curriculum planning committee or leadership.

#6 Student Discipline

Comments on disciplinary practices are varied. Some comments are on teachers’ responses to behavior, or on the families’ desire to improve behavior. Here’s an article with best practices for student discipline.

#7 Bullying

Possip Reporters recommend reminding students and families who to go to for bullying-related needs. Here is a resource for school administrators to take to create a detailed anti-bullying plan.

#8 Carline

Carline is consistently a top trend, regardless of the time of year. It’s a high-visibility experience for families and therefore high-leverage in strong relationships. We love this clip of Lenisha Roberts from Uplift Education in Texas on how Possip feedback helped her network improve carline logistics!

#9 Extracurricular Activities

We learned earlier this year that parents cited extracurricular activities would help with attendance. Parents tend to comment on extracurricular activities when they are advocating for these programs to begin, and perceive a lack of opportunities for their students. Many partnering Possip schools are leaning into this trend and asking families what kind of extracurricular activities they support. Use the Bonus Question: What type of extracurricular activities is your student interested in?

#10 Administration Feedback

New to the top 10 this month is Administrative Feedback. Parents advocate for strong leadership, and also comment on the value of professionalism in interactions with families and students.

Now that you’ve reviewed top staff trends, hop on over to the family trends from this month of March.

We share these top family trends in the hopes that they help you have the tools, information, and ideas to support your school. Want to learn more about these trends? Reach out to Jennifer Kehl at

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