Hi there!

Hi there!

We’re so excited to have you in the Possip community.

I’m Shani Dowell and I am the Founder of Possip. As a mom of 2 kids and a former teacher, I started Possip so schools and districts could hear and learn from the needs of parents, families, and educators.

More than a million parents and educators from across the country have provided feedback on the Possip platform to make schools stronger.

I hope you will, too.

When we provide our feedback we help schools become stronger. We know that all kids need a great and supportive school, and we know that engaging families and then providing your feedback in an organized way for school leaders makes schools stronger! We need YOUR voice – respond, today!

We have over 300,000 parents and educators across 25 states – from Hawaii to Maine!

If you are like me, you want places to help you reach your dreams for your kids. Possip aims to be that by giving you resources, and a way to share praise and feedback with the people and places that serve you, your kids, and your family.

How I Use Possip:

My kids’ school uses Possip – and I aim to respond to the text prompts every chance I get.  As a former teacher, I know how meaningful getting praise is.  As a parent, I also know my perspective is so important for helping their school be great – not just for my kids but all for children.

We are excited about our partnership with your school so you can share your needs, thoughts, comments, and ideas with your school administrators!

How I Use Possip:

  1. You will get a text and/or email from Possip
  2. We’ll ask the same question each time, Are you happy with your school this week? 
  3. Respond Yes, Mostly or No in your language of choice
  4. Share additional praise, needs, feedback, questions or ideas – anything you want!
  5. Choose whether to share your name or stay anonymous

Note: Possip is available in over 100 languages so let us know if you need your language changed

How Possip Works:

  1. Possip delivers a report of all praise and feedback to schools the Monday following a Friday pulse check
  2. Your praise is available for teachers!
  3. Your feedback helps the district and its schools make decisions

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QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR PULSE CHECK?  You can check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions here: FAQs

NEED IMMEDIATE HELP?  Email us at possip@possip.com

CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR RESOURCES FOR PARENTS HERE: https://possip.com/category/parents/

NEW CONTACT INFO: You can add new contact information or ask to remove a Pulse Check recipient using the form linked here: Contact Information Form