What You Can Do When Your Staff Gives You Critical Feedback

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At our Possip event, Sustaining Strong Schools: Strategies for Staff and Teacher Retention, one of our top recommendations for administrators includes giving meaningful feedback and support. 

Possip’s Manager of Knowledge and Content, Mandy Wallace, provides a compilation of  effective action steps for administrators to improve their relationships with staff.

We base this recommendation on data from our Staff Pulse Checks®. Over the 2022-23 school year, staff’s #3 top feedback trend revolved around their leaders and administration. Our data shows that within feedback staff gave about their administration, these sub trends emerged:

We also realized that this concern grows throughout the year for teachers. In the graph below, notice how administration feedback increases in each quarter. 

What can administrators do, knowing this information? Here are four things to focus on to address concerns your staff might have head on:

    1. Improve Your Feedback Delivery

    2. Identify and Support Overwhelmed Teachers

    3. Support Teachers Over Holiday Breaks

    4. Provide Adequate Teacher Training

1. How To Improve Your Feedback Delivery

A version of this guidance was originally penned by Shani Dowell in December 2020.

Build a Relationship 

It’s never too late to cultivate relationships with the people that are invested in your school’s success– teachers, school leaders, counselors, etc.  So much easier to share feedback with someone you have a relationship with.