Sharing Feedback: A Quick How To Guide

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Shani Dowell, CEO & Founder of Possip, has some ways to share feedback in this How-To Guide. 

Sharing feedback can be hard!  Sharing feedback with your child’s school can be really hard!  At Possip, we’re all about feedback, so here are some tips for sharing feedback with your child’s school:

Build a Relationship 
It’s never too late to cultivate relationships with the people that are invested in your child’s success– teachers, school leaders, counselors, etc.  So much easier to share feedback with someone you have a relationship with.

Choose the WAY you’ll share feedback
This is when Possip comes in especially handy– being able to share feedback is always at your fingertips.  If Possip is not yet at your school, email is a good option during these times.  Or set up a call!

Positives First
When I was a classroom teacher, I always used a “feedback sandwich”- praise, feedback, praise.

As your ally, the school also wants what is best for your child.  If you have a concern, present it as a problem to solve, and enlist them in helping to solve it.

Be Proactive and don’t hesitate
Another place Possip comes in handy– it’s a regular opportunity to offer feedback.  If you are concerned, don’t sit on it. It’s usually easier to address issues in the moment.  And don’t hesitate– for the most part, schools are eager for feedback when it’s constructive and can help your student!

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