Family Trends from April 5th Through April 12th

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Almost 12,000 responses were submitted by parents, family members, and caregivers to a pulse check with their praise and insights throughout the week of April 5th through April 12th. If you are a Possip respondent, you may have heard back about trends from your specific school, but it may be helpful to know what topics other parents are discussing with their school. Possip has schools in 26 States and we want to share our findings from families. Keep reading to hear an overview of family trends from April 5th through April 12th.


Last week, 79% of families responded that they were happy with their child’s school, with the remaining saying they were mostly happy or not happy with their child’s school.


We saw a few positive trends from families across the country:


  • Appreciation for outstanding, kind, and patient teachers and school staff members 
  • Praise for schools that have moved to in-person school and also praise for giving the option to remain virtual 


Here are the most frequently discussed feedback for schools across the country:

8% of all Possip recommendations to schools this week referred to feedback, ideas, and thoughts about COVID safety measures during in-person learning. Here are a few representative quotes from families on this topic:

    • “The guidelines for quarantine don’t match the CDC. 6 feet for 15 minutes at contact seems to need updated to 3 feet for longer to keep kids in school for contact with a positive case.”
    • “Enforce the mask mandate”
    • “How’s the Covid protection going??”
    • “I will be happy if they keep wearing mask” 


8% of all Possip recommendations to schools revolved around requests from families for academic support, one-on-one tutoring for students, and increased academic progress update for their students. Here are a few representative quotes from families on this topic:

    • “Communication on how they are doing maybe monthly or every 6 weeks. Would like to know how she is progressing in reading and math on a regular basis. Would love an on-site after care program. “
    • “I need to know if my child needs extra help is it available”
    • “Teachers should update grades frequently:  I did not know my son’s grade in Art until report cards”
    • “I would like to be notified sooner if my child has not turned in assignments or is failing.”
    • “It would be great to have an ongoing list of tutors for the children that are struggling. My daughter is having a hard time in her geometry class. I emailed her teacher multiple times and still have no solution. I want to find her some extra help, maybe a tutor. I would think that her teacher would be able to direct me to someone that could help. “
    • “Me preocupa que yo no hablo inglés y por lo cual No puedo ayudarle a leer. (Translation: I am concerned that I do not speak English and therefore I cannot help him to read”)


6% of all Possip recommendations to schools discussed feedback around school communication to families. Families wanted more communication from both the school and individual teachers. 

    • “More communication directly to parents PLEASE”
    • “Better information about what is going on at the school. The web site has no information about events, clubs etc. no information about service hours many other things”
    • “Better communication with 5th grade parents”

3% of all Possip recommendations to schools asked questions about end of year events and graduation celebrations

    • “Graduation details-when, where, will there be a limited amount of guests per student, etc.”
    • “What’s the plans for 6th graders graduation”
    • “Will there be a kindergarten graduation this year? If so, will it be in-person, virtual, etc?”
    • “Thanks for having some sort of senior prom. What about cum laude, honors night, etc?”


Here are a few suggested parent tools and resources based on what we are hearing:


We also shared these resources with our partner schools:



We’d love to hear from you. What else do you want or need to see? Do these family trends from April 5th through April 12th align with what you see?