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6 Tips for Virtual Cold Calling and Checks for Understanding

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Many teachers may have perfected their in-person cold calling techniques. Popsicle sticks, numbers on desks, playing cards handed out at the door, or online number randomizers are in the in-person tea ...

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11 Things Schools Can Do to Help Working Parents When Teaching Virtually

Even if teachers don't have kids, it’s easy to imagine the difficulties that arise with working parents when their kids are learning virtually. I mean even before COVID-19, being a working parent w ...

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5 Lessons From the First Weeks of Virtual Learning (Part 1)

Schools across the country have started school already. Many of those schools have started with 100% virtual learning. Parents, students, and teachers spent the summer thinking about what virtual lear ...

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zoom fatigue
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Parents, Help Your Child Combat Zoom Fatigue

The term “Zoom Fatigue” has been floating around in a lot of articles and media stories since March when most employees had been working remotely for a few weeks. So what is Zoom Fatigue and will ...

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5 Ways Parents Can Support Strong Teacher Communication Virtually

Parent-teacher communication has never been a one-size-fits-all path to a successful relationship. Each parent and teacher relationship is unique and requires a variety of communication styles and met ...

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