Hear How 4 School Leaders Answer the Question: “What’s your favorite part of the Possip feedback reports?” 

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Last year, under the leadership of Julie Kennedy, Charter School Growth Fund funded a starter year of Possip Pulse Checks™ for 22 schools. Possip and CSGF got charter school leaders from across the country together to talk about the impact in year one, and why they’ve continued using Possip Pulse Checks to strengthen their schools. 



Possip sat down with this wonderful group of folks: 

Headshots of the four speakers in the CSGF Video

Read on to learn what those charter school leaders love about getting Possip feedback reports routinely, or watch the 3 minute conversation in action… 



Caitlin from Possip: What’s your favorite part of the report?

Kayleigh Colombero: “The critical feedback – the ones that need us to respond right away! The section that is hot 🔥. I go right to that before I read anything!” 

Dr. Trevor Ivey: “I go straight to the bar graph – the yeses 😀and , mostlys 😐 and noes 😞 – and definitely get that sentiment rate first. But I do look at the 360 first – we get a 360 script.” 

Barb Campbell: “360 too… the amount of time spent on crafting staff notes, family notes, communicating out information. Being the person that distills all that information into a summary… having that done for you, it’s like, you just gave me back an hour of my Sunday morning. It’s very nice to see that in a concise format that can be shared out with stakeholders. And of course the hot 🔥topics!” 

Lenisha Roberts: “We are such a large network that the trends and recommendations have to be my most favorite because I look at it as a network – where am I seeing gaps or concerns as a trend so we can strategically look across the network and also see the trends with campuses. And the hot 🔥topics as well!”