4 Things Parents Notice About Amazing Teachers and Staff

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As we approach Teacher Appreciation Week, I know many of us are reflecting on the amazing things we see our students’ teachers or colleagues doing every day. On my own teaching journey, I frequently look around my building and see so many teachers with qualities that inspire me. I’m constantly getting new ideas to implement in my own classroom! 

Sarah Besand, a teacher and Possip Reporter, reflects on the qualities and actions parents love from their teachers and school staff members.  

Just as I have gleaned many ideas from my colleagues at school, I am also inspired through my reporting work with Possip. Each week, I read report after report with praise comments filled with compliments for amazing teachers and staff members across the country–and that’s information I can’t gate-keep! 

I want to share with you four comments I’ve read in the last 6 months that have inspired me and have helped me become a better teacher myself. They imbue overall positivity and the power of  intentionality. I hope these comments inspire you too.

1: Amazing Staff Make People Feel Seen and Known

“Ms. A greets us every morning with a smile. And she knows so many of the parents by name and personally knows each scholar. While in the office I see her welcome each visitor and family and talk with the scholars about their special interests. She deserves such a big thank you! We love Ms. A!! 💜”

I love this comment for so many reasons, but most of all because this teacher cares about the little things–that are not so little. When people in the school community feel heard in this way, community blossoms. Teachers are often so great with remembering names and important details, and I love that this family member celebrated this! These actions go so far in students and families feeling known and valued in school communities.

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2: Amazing Teachers Create a Culture of Love

“Mrs. C treats her class like her children or grandchildren. It seems she has a great system for behavior and rewards and she does things she doesn’t have to do. [My daughter] told me she brought a Christmas dessert from a different country to engage them and celebrate while teaching them culture.”

This comment speaks to me because it shows the level of genuine love and care this teacher shows her students. This is felt not only by the students but families as well! When kids feel accepted in the classroom, they go home with stories about their school days. This family now gets to be a part of their child’s learning about new countries and cultures–and activities like this can spark important conversations at home. As a teacher, this inspires me to continue to cultivate these practices in my classroom because I can see it has a ripple effect throughout communities!

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3: Amazing Teachers See Kids as More Than a Test Score

“I would like to recognize the hard work of Ms. A. I have never had a teacher genuinely care so much about not only my child’s academic progress but their well being as a whole.”

This comment hits me right in the heart! Social Emotional Learning is something that is woven into my instruction every day, so I love seeing this amazing work being done in schools across the country, too! This teacher clearly knows the balance between challenging academic instruction and also making sure students are nurtured emotionally. Research shows us that this even fuels more learning! When students are learning in a calm classroom where they feel safe, their academics soar as well.

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4: Amazing Schools Communicate Clearly and Consistently

“My children transitioned from [another school to this school] and it has been nothing but GREAT. The teachers and the entire staff are always super friendly. They keep me updated on EVERYTHING and I am thankful for that and I love how rewarding they are for the scholars. They have great behavior and are achieving academically.”

Communication is what sticks out to me when I read this comment! I can see that this teacher is extremely organized when it comes to keeping parents informed and involved. With these action steps, parents feel trust in their child’s teacher. And they feel connected too! This serves as a great reminder to me to make sure parents are getting thorough updates on how their student is doing in school on all fronts. Academic updates are so important, but so are behavioral and social as well!

Tip: Make sure to include these six things in your communication plans with families.

We hope you loved reading these praise comments as much as we did! Reporting for Possip constantly reminds me how amazing teachers and school staff members are. Let’s celebrate that during Teacher Appreciation Week and beyond!