How To Improve Internal School Communication Channels

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When we compiled the responses we’ve collected from staff Pulse Checks this fall and compared it to last years’, Communication jumped out as a top trend. Staff requested both more detailed content as well as more frequent communication from their leaders. 

As one teacher noted, [we need] “Clear and timely communication. If something important is being shared or an event is scheduled, it would be nice to know all of the details (where, when, etc.) well in advance – not the day of or the day before.” With that sentiment in mind, here are four strategies to consider to bolster your efforts to get information to teachers and staff:  

Implement a Digital Communication Platform

Utilize a comprehensive digital communication platform that integrates various forms of communication such as emails, announcements, and direct messaging. This platform should be accessible to all staff and offer features like bulletin boards, forums for discussions, and channels for different departments and teams. Implement analytics to track engagement and identify areas where communication can be further improved.

Using a digital communication platform streamlines communication, reduces information overload, and ensures that important messages are not lost in the clutter of emails. It also fosters a more connected and transparent school community.

Create a team culture that communicates well and makes sure everyone stays informed. For more tactics that respond to concerns and feedback from teachers and staff, attend our virtual event, “Sustaining Strong Schools: Strategies for Teacher and Staff Retention” on Dec 7, 2023 at 11 CST / 12 EST.